Stars Send Support, Sympathy to Usher and Tameka Foster

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Facing every parent's worst nightmare, Usher and Tameka Foster have been forced to come together under horrific circumstances, following a jet skiing accident on Saturday that left Tameka's 11-year old in a coma.

Doctors say Kyle Glover is clinically brain dead as a result of the crash, and sources tell Us Weekly Usher and his ex have put all differences aside for the time being as they decide what to do next.

Usher in England

"Tameka and Usher don't get along, but in this circumstance Usher is coming to her side," says the insider. "Usher practically raised Kyle as his own. He's known him for seven years. It is so sad what happened."

A bevy of Hollywood stars have also Tweeted their sympathy and support. A sampling of their messages:

Sherri Shepherd: "My heart hurts for Kyle Glover, Tameka Raymond's 11-year-old son. Praying for her, Usher and family. Mother love."

Wendy Williams: "My prayers go out desperately to Tameka and Usher Raymond. May God shine light on your entire family."

Donny Osmond: "My prayers go out to Usher Usher Raymond IV and his family. His stepson was declared brain dead after a jet ski accident. Please pray for them."

Kevin McHale: "My thoughts are with Tameka and Usher and their family, such a tragedy."

Russell Simmons: "My heartfelt prayers for Tameka and Usher. Can't even imagine... "

Toni Braxton: "My heart and prayers go out to Tameka Raymond and Usher Raymond IV during this extremely difficult time."


JESUS can do all things. In the name of JESUS i lift up KILE Glover, usher raymond, tameka , ryan and jeffery to right now. JESUS i ask that you stretch forth your healing hand and touch kile. i know that all things are possible through you christ jesus. when two or more are gathered in your name you are in the mist. let them come to know you jesus, let them serve you and not the ways of the wicked. only you Jesus have the last word. in the name of jesus i pray. AMEN


@ Mita...Just because it's a STEPson does NOT mean it's not ur own STEPdad has raised me since i was 3 years old and he is more of a father to me then my "sperm" i dont get why u would say something like doesnt matter if he is "usher's" stepson...the point of the matter is he is an 11 yr old boy and he is brain dead ne with a heart would say prayers for this ur either just a miserable person or u were not loved enough as a child! I hope that God males a miracle for this little boy and his family!


Pahaha, oh too funny. I'm dying of laughter


Aww, you also must be home from your day job of sucking c0¢k :)


My sympathy goes out to Usher Raymond IV and Tamika Foster. As a parent myself, I can not imagine anything like this being a mother myself. I am very proud of Usher for being by her side during this time. After all, he's known the child for seven years and the child grew close to Usher and Usher grew close him. I'm hoping that this will stop the unnessary drama about child custody for Usher's two sons.
My heartfelt prayers go out to them both. God is not the author of bad things that happen in our lives. It is up to ua as individuals to do what he would want us to do.


Aw, you also can't read I see :)


@courtneyj6.....dumb @$$! Did I ASK anyone to agree???!!!!! NO! I simply stated my opinion. If this site did not want anyone to state their opinion, the site wouldnt have a place for people to post. I will continue posting what I want, so fu¢k off!!!!!!!!!!


Mita...idiot, HE RAISED HIM! Usher is there now! Why wouldn't they put his name?? Its not to get attention, he might as well be called his son, so its about Ushers family. Keep on ranting, notice how EVERYONE is saying your ignorant. You can post all you like, but don't hold your breath waiting for someone to agree


My prayers go out to Tamika & Usher & family, may god be with u during this tough time. God bless u all.


Very sad.. praying for Tameka Usher and there baby Kyle God bless you all.

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