Sage Stallone Dead For at Least 3-4 Days Before Being Found, Officials Believe

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Law enforcement personnel who found Sage Stallone dead he likely passed away at least 3-4 days and possibly a week before his body was discovered.

Off the record, sources say Sage Stallone, the son of acting legend Sylvester Stallone who famously appeared in Rocky V, had been living like a hermit.

Sage would spend days in his room, which was "littered with junk." A source called it a "disgusting" mix of cigarette butts, beer, soda cans and food.

Sage S

There were also reportedly two drawers filled with various pill bottles, some of which were "huge." No one had spoken with Sage since Friday, July 6.

A housekeeper had been to his home at some point earlier this week, but had specific ongoing instructions never to enter Sage's room and did not.

The housekeeper was told to never even knock at the door for whatever reason, so it's certainly conceivable that he was in there for several days.

His mom, Sylvester Stallone's ex-wife Sasha Czack, called the housekeeper Friday after being unable to reach him and asked her to check on him.

That's when she discovered the body. From the evidence they saw - unofficially at least - investigators believe Sage's death was an accident.

Our thoughts are with his family in the wake of this sad story.

UPDATE: Sage's attorney says he posted pics to Facebook 17 hours before he was found dead, never exhibited any signs of drug use or addiction, and didn't drink.

This is very much contrary to what TMZ, who first reported this story, quotes its sources - within the law enforcement community - as saying.


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Much peace and mad love for the family.