Roberto Martinez: Happy with Kara Ramos, Turns Down The Bachelor

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Ali Fedotowsky, you can calm down now.

With rumors circulating over Roberto Martinez being cast as the next Bachelor, and with a $500,000 paycheck reportedly sitting on the table if he were to accept, sources tell Star Magazine the reality star has turned down ABC's generous offer.

And he did it for love.

Roberto Martinez Pic

Martinez is dating a 26-year old model named Kara Ramos and insiders tell the tabloid the two "really like each other."

Ramos has even confirmed the dalliance to Star and added that she told Roberto he had to make a choice: The Bachelor or their relationship.

Martinez then "decided that even a half million dollars wasn't enough incentive to go back in the spotlight to find love on TV, especially with the promise of his new romance with a wonderful girl like Kara," a friend tells the publication, adding:

"Roberto already knows what it takes to have a love relationship played out on national television, and he'd rather have his privacy now with a girl he's really crazy about."

Awww, that's very sweet. So everyone wins in the end. Except Ali.

The Bachelorette season finale airs on Sunday, meanwhile. Who do you think Emily will choose: Ari or Jef?


I've seen her hanging out with her ex boyfriend for a couple weeks now- looking very happy. Funny thing though, Roberto looks A lot like him.


Guess no one spotted Kara out in Montauk last weekend with her ex-boyfriend! Poor Roberto. He is being fooled.


According to a recent published study i saw last week the STD rates of american white women is skyrocketing and this as interracial dating do the math.Go figure.


YES!! GO Sean!!!!


Once again Matt, any intelligent person can tell you are Kerry and Daina. Do you dislike women? Why do you use a womans name? I truly believe your a teen-ager. Hope your young.


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