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This promo for The Bachelorette season finale hints at some of the gut-wrenching moments that await Emily Maynard ... and the Men Tell All drama.

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The Bachelorette Season 10 Finale Preview

The preview for The Bachelorette Season 10 finale. Will Andi choose Nick or Josh?

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I hope she chooses arie. Because when she's bored he can cheer her up and he a total babe


She'll pick the one with the most money
She is so into herself it's sickening


nope! Emily does not want love over security! isn`t that obvious?
she wants to be a princess o mother queen and this 2 guys don`t fit the profile for kings


Cindy you are absolutely right, she most certainly
Should b paid.


I understand why Jeff might b attractive to her
Because of the deep sense of family & belonging
Ariel's family talking in another language
Was terribly rude, I'm sure she might wonder
About being a part of his family, would this happen
Again & again & she being left out of the conversation
However, I think she loves Arie more than Jeff
Bt feels more secure with Jeff & wants a family
For her daughter. Hope she picks Love over
Security, it's hard bt it's the only way to go.


To Mickey...what rubbish and hatred you spew! Emily has every right to demand a price to appear on the show! Everybody gets paid! She is true to her desire to take care of Ricki--that means her future as well,,,,college money, etc.She is also just as entitled as anyone to seek a loving partner to spend her life with! Emily is beautiful inside and out. Is that sour grapes of jealousy you feel? Get some help so you can live a positive happy life!


I do not think that she even knows what she wants at all especially having all the cosmetic work done on herself AND demANDING such a very large pay for even doing the show. I think that all of the men that got sent home should be happy that she did not pick them as she is not worth any one of you.Just be glad that you were not STUCK with her and her daughter.Try to just remember the fun and forget her and find someone who would appreciate you.

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