Ali Fedotowsky "Freaking Out" at Idea of Roberto Martinez as The Bachelor

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Ali Fedotowsky, who chose Roberto Martinez on The Bachelorette two summers ago, is said to be less than thrilled about rumors that say he's in talks to be The Bachelor.

Roberto and Ali split after 18 months together, and sure enough, he's being talked about as the star of Season 17 of The Bachelor, slated for early January.

"Roberto never shared his side of the breakup, and Ali is terrified about what he would say on the show and how she would come off," a source explains.

Ali F., Roberto M.

Who knows why she would care about a breakup that wasn't even that bad (supposedly), now that she's faded from the spotlight (mostly), but whatever.

Luckily for Ali, he may turn down the opportunity.

"He's very happy being out of the spotlight," a source close to the hunky former minor league ballplayer and current San Diego insurance agent explains.

"He hasn't ruled it out 100 percent, but don't bet on it."

If Roberto Martinez were to become The Bachelor, he would be the first minority star in 25 seasons (including eight Bachelorettes) of the ABC franchise.

None of the 16 Bachelors are married to their final rose recipient, although Jason Mesnick married Molly Malaney, his runner-up from that season.

For scoop on the current season, follow this link for The Bachelorette spoilers and hints on how Emily Maynard's final three shake out ... allegedly.


He broke up with her, not the other way around. She's probably scared the world will figure out what an insecure nobody she is. Too late Ali, we already know! Roberto would make a great Bachelor...he's cool, confident, and let's face it, this show is WAY overdue for non-white lead!


Ali is acting SO SO ridiculous!!!!! And, Dr. Dave is RIGHT...Ali dumped Roberto. Why does Ali even care anyway? And, Ali is terrified about what Roberto would say on the new and upcoming season of The Bachelor? Give me a motherfucking break!!!!! It's called a REALITY SHOW!!!!! Ali needs to suck it up and move on. STUPID BITCH!!!!!


Like Y would Ali even give a rat's ass if he were to become The Bachelor? Like, she should get over him! It's his life now! U don't like it, U shouldn't have dumped him in the first place!!! And what's he going to say about her..... Like how bad she was in the sack? Like what? Their breakup wasn't that much televised anyways...... Listen Ali.... If U want to go out with someone, I'm abailable and would love to be ur man! Love U Ali!!!!



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