THG Asks: Should Kristen Stewart Have Issued a Public Apology?

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Welcome to THG Asks, a feature in which our two celebrity gossip experts debate a topical issue in the entertainment world and readers decide on which side they fall.

Today, we turn our focus not just to Kristen Stewart and her shocking affair with Rupert Sanders, but to her unusual decision to issue a public apology regarding her actions.

We ponder both arguments and then THG Asks: Should the actress have taken this step?


NO. By Free Britney

Kristen Stewart owes the public one thing and one thing only: the best performance she can give on screen. She's an actress. She didn't cause any personal or emotional harm to a single fan out there and, no offense, but if she did... that's your fault, not hers.

Kristen owes Robert Pattinson an apology. She owes Liberty Ross, the wife of Sanders, an apology. She owes the director's two kids an apology. These were people actually affected by her lapse in judgment.

But what Stewart does in the privacy of her own home - or in the front seat of a car, apparently - is between Stewart, the person she is doing it with and those connected to either or both. When it comes someone such as Kristen, who has clearly never craved fame, I choose to judge her solely on her acting chops and don't expect her to meet any sort of ethical standard in her personal life.

And I certainly don't need her to apologize to me when she fails to do so.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Photograph

YES. By Hilton Hater

Hi, Free Britney. Welcome to 2012. Your argument may have made sense a couple decades ago, prior to tabloids and the paparazzi and the Internet and the blurring of lines between the public, the private and the professional.

But this isn't a debate over how thing should be. It's a debate over how things are.

And this is how they are in this age, especially for a star such as Stewart and a franchise such as The Twilight Saga: the movies are sold as much on Kristen and Rob's relationship as they are on vampires, werewolves and half-human babies. It's very easy to argue that Stewart's dalliance with Sanders will cost the studio millions, considering fans who simply won't be able to stand her on screen any longer.

Yes, Twihards take their Robsten very seriously and, whether Stewart wanted to play that game or not, she profited significantly from it. The investment of others in her relationship with Pattinson shot this actress on to the A-list. And she knew that. She may have disdained the spotlight, but she was aware that countless fans were staring at her in it and expecting her - at the very least - not to cheat with a married man nearly twice her age.

I mean, seriously. Are we really at the point where we're second guessing an apology? Isn't that what we ask for from those who make a mistake?

Your turn, readers. What do YOU think? Should Kristen Stewart have issued a public apology for cheating on Robert Pattinson?


I think I smell a sexual harassment suit for kstew against her "boss." maybe she felt like she had to make out with this scum to keep her acting career afloat..when the director whom is well past his 20's comes on to a 22 year old, it reeks of power over someone whom otherwise would not give him the time of day..i say sexual harassment is a viable action on kstews part. If this happened in a corporate atmosphere...there would be a harassment suit a mile long.


Hey, when you are in a public place making out, without thought to how cameras are everywhere these days..then you take your chances, these two took there public chances..and here is the fallout. If you want something to stay secret..keep it behind closed doors, not in public places like out in the open in a car for the whole world to see..lessons learned yet?


lovestruckshubh -- ur an IDIOT.... Kristen Stewart issued a PUBLIC statement containing a very direct and explicit apology to Rob Pattinson. That makes it a PUBLIC apology... a very separate and distinct concept from claiming that Kristen Stewart actually apologized to the public. Get a clue.


she hasnt issued a public apology
Thats her way to defend herself from being unpopular amongst younsters who believe in love
or it can be a publicity act too
feeln sorry fr robert :(


The question is whether issuing a public apology helped or hurt the situation. The public is forever guessing about photos....and what they mean...with stars never saying a word. Angelina and Brad managed to do a faux family photo spread while he was still married; vacation in Kenya; have Brad get a divorce... and because they SHUT UP about admitting stuff... just let the photos stay out there... people finally accepted the situation. The only thing Kristen did with her PUBLIC apology was humiliate Rob Pattinson and ensure this incident will be talked about as fact (i.e. no more need to speculate even!) for the rest of both of their careers. A really dumb move .... likely a statement issued in desperation to get a message to Rob Pattinson... but seriously.... just shut up and wait til u know u will see him again promoting the next Twilight movie. What could have forever been speculated about as to the extent of the transgression, etc., is now fact... and not as nice facts.


She doesn't owe us anything. But we wanna know everything anyway :p


No, she should have told Robert when it happened. We're in the day and age of technology, nothing you do in public ESPECIALLY if your a celebrity will be kept secret for long


I don't think she owes the public an apology, some of the public doesn't actually care.


I think that she done the right thing by apologising to the public. I think that as she is in such a big saga that she owed it to her fans. I agree that the fans of twilight will probably be annoyed and this may cause them to lose a lot of fans as they wot want to see her on screen.


Of how private they are about their relationship she sure is quite public about that! If she really did loved him then she shouldve told him straight up... not wait till she is caught and then saying sorry. BS. He deserves better.

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