Rihanna Harper's Bazaar Cover: Snake-Like!

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Rihanna covers the new issue of Harper's Bazaar and the star looks absolutely snake-like. Seriously. We are talking full-on reptilian up in here.

That or America's Next Top Model-esque. You be the judge.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the cover is not the getup itself, but the fact that unlike the vast majority of Rihanna pics, she's clothed.

Seriously, when have you known her not to show skin?

Rihanna Harper's Bazaar Cover

Typically, our girl prefers scraps of cloth if she covers up at all, but here, she's gone full-scale(y) coverage. And animal print. Bizarre even for Bazaar.

For anyone out there interested, and we can't imagine who that might be, Rih is wearing a dress and boots by Tom Ford and a Repossi ear cuff.

You never know, even if it doesn't go mainstream, maybe this unique look of hers could inspire some unintentionally hilarious Chris Brown lyrics.

What do you think of Rihanna's Harper's Bazaar look?


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she's marvelous her body matches with everything whatever style she dresses she's cute and fantastic


Dnt even kno wat u guyz r talkin


Her face looks possessed by somthing bad and evil. I dont like looking at her. She dont look right in the head.She looks like shes permanently in that disturbia video-creepy.


Shes a masturbating illumunati whore house.


yea, I think she really is that thin.
I am only 5'4 and I would LOVE
to be tall.
I dont care for her-lost all respect for her,
but.. would love to have a body like her.


no lala weas jest dont like yos smell ass cunt.. lol


She looks like a man to me! I see nothing stunning about her or her outfit....Not Hating Its my HONEST OPINION!!


all yall bitches that dis like is some fuckin haters real TALK


that's been photoshopped all to h3ll.. she is NOT that thin.


She looks stunning! Love this photoshoot. They gave her great clothes to wear. She's extremely beautiful and has a fantastic figure.