Paris Jackson to Janet Jackson: Get the Eff Out!

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Details have emerged regarding the incident at the Jackson home in Calabasas this week.

As previously reported, police were called to investigate some sort of altercation on the property, although no arrests were made and no names of family members involved revealed at the time.

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But TMZ now cites sources who say it all started when Randy, Jermaine and Janet Jackson drive up in their SUV and tried to force Paris, Prince, and Blanket into the vehicle.

The reported goal? To unite the children with grandmother Katherine Jackson, who has been in Arizona and out of contact for over a week.

HOWEVER, Paris objected to the surprise visit/mission and grew especially angry when Janet tried to take away her cell phone, causing the singer to supposedly scream at her niece:

"You're a spoiled little b*tch!"

Paris Jackson replied: This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f-ck out, all while cousin Trent Jackson was getting into a physical confrontation with Jermaine Jackson and Randy Jackson in an attempt to keep them away from the three children.

It's a monumental, ugly mess and it all circles back to objections over Michael Jackson's will, which leaves his entire estate to his kids. For the supposed adults in this family, it all comes down a money grab. No matter the personal cost.

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I really dnt care who's right or wrong, that family got no respect for each other now a days.


@sue how can you say dat to de little girl just imagine what u urself will do if u were in her shoes confronted by janet sudenly, what will you? do she is protecting her self and her siblings its a matter of trust here.


Those kid are not MJs children,how can a black man give birth to a white children?is that possible?


Paris is very rude , i'm sure the attention she is getting from the media is makin her go crazy.


I'm just glad that Micheal's attorneys are interveaning and getting the kids the security they need and deserve. Security was very lacking and dangerous. Thank you to Micheal's Estate for your support of Micheal and his kids and Mother.
Thank You


You can't blame Paris janet jackson is a grown ass woman she should know better for coming at her like that. So I don't blame her because she has to stand up for herself. Say that shit PARIS U MY SISTER:


Get Paris OFF Tweet!!!!! STOP the MJ tributes!!!! GO on a family picnic....go camping....a road trip! Do volunteer community work. Play board games an talk. Do "things" together as a FAMILY! EXPERIENCE LIFE OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE. Get addictions counseling to END THE FIX OF NEEDING TO BE SEEN AN HEARD ALL THE TIME¡¡¡¡¡


It was all about Omer.. all the white folks started saying Omer might look like Michael but clearly Michael wasn't his father.. now about Paris and Prince.. they said They might not look like Michael but he was their father.. Jackson's family should pay those kids for their work and send them back to their ancestors or they should just shut the phuck up and remain bastards .. No paper filed for them being adopted.. They should be ashamed being called Michael's children while they were not.


First of all, MJ's mom is too old to look after those three white kids, so her kids are doing it for their mom's well being and safety. Beside those white kids are gonna be racist to the family mark my words!!!


Would u say send the black kids to their black mother...I doubt it. What a shame it is that ppl still take it to that level. Those are/were his kids adopted or not!!!