Police Called to Jackson Family Compound in Response to Battery Claim

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Katherine Jackson may have been found, but controversy and confusion continues to reign when it comes to the Jackson family these days.

TMZ sources confirm that L.A. County Sheriff's Deputies were called to the Jackson compound in Calabasas today after family members reported some kind of disturbance.

A battery report was filed, but it's unclear at the moment who was involved. No arrests were made.

Jackson Family and Bieber

Sheriff deputies have reportedly been keeping an eye on the family since April because a business associate of the family claims Katherine Jackson is being mistreated by certain relatives. This dispute allegedly was connected to that assertion.

Meanwhile, tension has mounted between family members because Michael Jackson's will left all of his money and assets to his three children and the Michael Jackson Trust. No siblings were listed on the document.

When Katherine Jackson was first reported missing, many believed it was somehow related to this feud - and many are still confused about why she had no contact with her grandchildren for a week.

It's all a very confusing situation, which, sadly, is commonplace at this point for the Jacksons.

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Hmmm...poor Jackson family, first of all this family is a bunch of psycho maniacs.....there someone had to say it!!! Secondly, they are struggling with the demands of a very beautiful society i.e taking care of white kids that MJ paid a fortune for...lol. Finally, its all going down soon, mark my words.


I think all Micheal's children are beautiful and i am not sure why web sites allow such horrid talking about people that they only know from singing or TV. They do not know this family personally and I talk such offence to the Racist remarks mad about this family. Yes there mother is a wonderfuly person she deserves to have these children to care for if that is what she so choose to do and who gives you the right to speak in such an ill manner of a wonderful lady and family. To my knowledge I do not know of any family that does not have troubles at some point in time...really just let them live there lives they have all been through enough. They are not making comments about you here so maybe walk in there shoes before judging anyone...you might be surprised at what door step you land on.


Who knows it could have been staged, they like to be in the limelight.
Poor Michael, I saw that beautiful home the mom lives in. all on Micheal's success and he's gone. Sad. If what we saw on TV is real, then what a group of vultures, they want the money or is something going on that we don't know about?
One of the poster's wrote that they are not "Michael s kids" , well biologically more then likely no, but even if thru adoption they are still his kids.


@Sara- no- the story sounds like your imitation ass- sounds full of shit. Just like your race baiting name changes- sorry provoking ass. I think you can get all 3 of you whinnying crying weak punks out in the open and your nemesis still would not break a sweat with you. You sit and hope people will join you BUT SARA- everyone hates you- its so true. You a little POP TART.


The kids are not Jacko's to begin with. They don't have any black features.


They are like vultures getting ready to pick her bones to get money. I see blacks on the Judge shows cut family out of their life for an unpaid cell phone; I am sure they would cut the old bag off if she didn't give them money. If they did get $, they would squander the money quickly because blacks don't really know how to manage money. N@&@"! Rich


Days before KJ was reported missing, Jermaine posts about her on twitter. 3-days after, Paris tweets-where's her grandma? Makes no sense. Janet going after $s makes no sense-she's VERY wealthy. If someone contests this or '99 will say, the one(s) that contest get no $s. I think there's a lot more going on than any of us know. Very fishy. Media's just reciting what they've been fed...and aeg, well, they're media conglomerates...the plot thickens...


WOW! Here we thought that Michael was the strange one. Looks like it's time for a lawyer to do some tort work under "The Intentional Affliction of Emotional Distress-Tort & perhaps a few criminal charges for Michaels brothers & sisters as well as some TRO's from the kids and Katherine.
Hey, Janet say goodbye to your career.Now you can join your brothers & sisters who never had the talent w/out Michael to have their own. Now we know why Michael cut them out. Elder abuse & child abuse are crimes in CA. Maybe Katherine should invite Debbie back just to watch them all go crazy.


She is a lovely old woman. I wish her good health. She buried two sons already. Parents should never have to bury their children. She is a strong woman.


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