Lady Gaga Sued for $10 Million by Toy Manufacturer

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She may be putting on a Poker Face at the moment, but Lady Gaga must be in a foul mood today after MGA Entertainment slapped the singer with a $10 million lawsuit because the manufacturer alleges she and her management company backed out of a deal between the two sides.

Lady Gaga in Beverly Hills

MGA claims Gaga acted in "bad faith" after initially agreeing to include a voice chip with the doll and have it ready for sale by Christmas.

Now, the company believes, Gaga is attempting to delay the item's release to coincide with her new album in 2013.

In its Manhattan Supreme Court suit, MGA asserts that Gaga and her team “engaged in intentional and deliberate delays” to prevent it from meeting its summer deadline with distributors.

Lady Gaga has not seen the court documents, her spokesperson tells The New York Daily News, but is "confident she will prevail."


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You guys should stop hatting on GaGa. She went through a whole lot to be where she is now. Why would you guys even read this if your not fans.
All support out To GaGa with this Suing ordeal.


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