Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Fans React to Infidelity: NOOOOO!

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There can be no denying it at this point: Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders, a 41-year old father of two.

The actress, incredibly, came right out today, admitted to the affair and apologized for her actions. She also pleaded for Pattinson's love.

As you might expect, dedicated Twihards and Robsten followers aren't exactly taking the news well. Led by the YouTube user commonly referred to as "Nutty Madam," who wants everyone to leave Kristen and Rob alone, read through some of the most distraught Tumblr postings below:

daironline: I'm still hoping that the whole Kristen cheating on Robert thing isn't true, but if it is, I have definitely lost all faith in love.

yousaidyoudkeepmehonest: Having serious sympathy pains. Feel like I've been cheated on.

twilight whispers: I want her to say she was drunk or drugged or whatever. I want this nightmare to end.

theworldwillendinfire: How could you do this to my baby angel, Kristen?

fool-4-love: THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING I DONT BELIEVE IT. they were supposed to get married and have babies and be together forever. my poor shipper heart is breaking. ROBSTEN FOREVER IDC BYE.

Should Robert forgive Kristen and stay with her?

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To be honest, I as a teenager had never understood why other girls like me bought the silliness of sparkly vampires that is Twilight. And I suppose I may never will. Let me say this to all Twi-fans or whatever: fairytales exist in one in a million. They are rare, understand. I get why you're denying the fact that Kristen cheated, or Rupert Sanders became a huge arse with 2 kids and a lovely wife that even starred as Kirsten's 'Snow White' mother, in his movie.
Stop denying! I'm sick and fucking tired of hearing comments about them getting back together on TV when all I want to know is when they're releasing Divergent!
So please, sil vous plait, with all the kindess I have in my precious little heart, ACT LIKE REAL PEOPLE!
Ah... I enjoyed that.


I think That Robert and Kristen should follow their hearts and solve there problem together


Hahahahahaha this is so funny!!! I mean really? Who gives a f**k!?


you people need to get alife.. the movies sucked, they both do suck.. an no one should give a fuck.. it's not like they're your family, or even friends.. the girl in the vedio is pathetic.. and so are you get alife...................




Let him who is without sin cast the first stone


Who are we to judge she made a bad call give him time and space then try to sort things out if it dont then u both move on atleast as friends good luck to you both


I think the Twihards are reacting so bad to Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson is because when fans look at them as a couple, they see them as "Edward and Bella." No, in real life, they are NOT Edward and Bella, they are Kristen and Rob, and just because Edward and Bella are forever, doesn't mean Kristen and Rob ARE. So GET OVER IT.


She's just a 22 year old, perhaps too young to be in a proper relationship but quite that does not mean she doesn't love him! Yes this does not justify her actions but I believe in second chances and seriously what is it with all the polls asking people whether they should stay together or not!?! Quite frankly this is none of our business and it is extremely irritating that people are making such decisions without knowing either one of them! If Robert Pattinson wants to break up with Kristen Stewart then sure she deserves it, if he doesn't then shouldn't we be happy for him because of his ability to forgive and for the fact the they perhaps may share a long strong enough to pass through this ordeal


I still want to believe all this turns out to be false.. we cannot imagine what Rob must be goin thru, if all this is true. yet we dnt have anything that clearly shows kristen apologizing and even Rob has not himself commented.. so lets hope for the best...!

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