Kim Kardashian Covers InStyle, Still Believes in Love

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Kim Kardashian graces the August cover of InStyle and you simply won't believe all the things tells the magazine about her marriage to Kris Humphries and her relationship with Kanye West.

Okay, maybe you will.

Kim Kardashian InStyle Cover

"I've always believed in love," Kardashian says for the 97th time, reciting the same lines about her divorce written months ago by some PR firm. "I haven't always been so lucky, but I still do believe in it.. I loved this person, it just wasn't the right situation for me. I try to hold my head up high and live my life."

And wear really ridiculous fashion whenever possible.

Kim, of course, is now dating Kanye, at least in public. She's hopeful it will last because
her mother says she needs to pretend she can commit the two have been close for years.

“We’ve had a deep friendship for so long and that’s the start of a really good relationship."

But will Kardashian and West be walking down the aisle any time soon, as tabloids have alleged? Probably, the former says, though that could change at any time if E! producers change their mind.

“It has taught me to take things slow,” she said of her second marriage. “I’ve always been the type to fall in love fast and, with every boyfriend, I plan out my wedding in my head.”


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Kim Kardashian Covers InStyle, Still Believes in Love
The vid is HQ which makes me happy
Have fun


More of the same blah, blah, blah from Kartrashian. Yawn.


kim ur the best,one cannot be in a relationship which does not make you happy


Ok all u Kim haters, how much do u lov shithead now? Apparwmtly, as TMZ HAS REPORTED, Myla is approximately three months pregnant witj shitheads baby. Oh, but thats rite, sjithead is a saint and Myla isnt. This is to -me-. Fick U U WHORE. Remember, u cant blame this on Myla, shithead was there too.


Omg all the comments against kim k. And like she will really care. She probably never sees any of this and good for her. I hope she is laughing @ all the haters all the way to the bank. Thats your problem...she can laugh going to the bank...your lucky if you even have a bank account. Go kim


Whatever, fuck you and yalls lil girlfriend Kim k yall are all probably just as Fucking ugly as her and yall are all probably just as desperate for attention as this fucking nasty ass hoe... So suck one bitches!!!!


I like Kim kardashion...she have so many haters but they mad cause they don't have money but when you get On her level thin you can criticize her but right now you can't really say shit and she never did nothing to me so I'm fine with her but y'all some haters and
@-me- "I hope somebody beat the fuck outta you"�


@~ me~ Who beat Kim up? Not a fan of hers but wish her no harm. Don't care for Kris Jenner either, but the rest of the family seems like normal family craziness. Someone said don't follow Kim if you hate her---it isn't that easy. She's everywhere.


Omg!! All these haterz on this page!! Like for realz kim k haterz! If yal dnt like her well gues wut....yal dnt have to read bout her! Stop following her life stop reading bout her! That simple! I luv kim k and am also a 100% kardashian fan!! I swear jealous haterz dnt hate cuz yal ain't gt wut she does. Get a life ppl and stop talkn bout hers!


Who cares if you spite her, everybody has he or her life to live so suck-up


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