Kathy Griffin Jokes About Demi Lovato Cutting Herself: Fair or Foul?

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On a recent installment of her self-titled talk show, Kathy Griffin introduced Jimmy Kimmel by joking that she's often the go-to guest on his program whenever another celebrity cancels at the last moment.

And she did so at the expense of Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato.

Speaking of Kimmel and his producers, Griffin told the audience:

"I'm the person [they] call if Demi Lovato is cutting, or if Miley Cyrus flashed her crotch again, and it's too breezy down there."

As you might expect, based on Demi's documented history with self-mutilation, the singer's fans have rushed to her defense on Twitter.

"Kathy Griffin is an old tart who's mad Demi is beautiful and funny without having to rehearse jokes others wrote for her," one follower wrote, while another added:

"Truly disappointed with @kathygriffin making a joke of @ddlovato's struggles with self-harm, there's nothing funny about it."

What do you think of Griffin's joke? Fair or foul?

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This is so horrible!! She may of said one single thing but that is f***ing SELF HARM, ANOREXIA, DEPRESSION, SUICIDALNESS which is DEATH THREATENING that Demi was going through. How would you like it if it was your best friend that was in Demi's position and you heard someone say that mentioning them??? It's horrible, you don't mention about stuff like that!!!


All she did was mention two different examples of teenage news. She didn't bash Demi in any way, Lovatics are just on everyone's back about everything. Trust me, Demi's fans say much worse than anything Kathy Griffin says.


Ooooh. Big words Wichita. Got anything more than just an empty threat to back yourself up? I hate to burst your bubble, but the lame Internet pseudo intellectual behavior isn't that intimidating. Especially when your comment doesn't make any sense. Didn't your drunk ass daddy teach you how to threaten people properly? Unimpressed lol. Fail harder doll ;)


Leslie I like how your answers contradict yourselves. You say that Kathy griffin is a comedian yet that some how excuses her behavior towards this? I guess then you have to excuse Michael Richards for his radical onslaught to a black audience member right? Sorry but even comedians have restrictions. If you're going to poke fun at this, then at least do so in a more tasteful manner. Stop being a contradicting idiot.


Wow that griffin bitch is a snake. I wish she would just be forced to eat her won sgit then get run over by a truck...why don't she go fix her ugly face in the mirror beforE she goes out in public?


Disproportionate response Demi Lovato fans, Kathy griffin is a comedian; her style of comedy is poking fun at others. Obviously, self-mutilation is a touchy subject, however it does exist, like in Demi Lovato's case; It shouldn't be tabooed. I know a joke when i see one.


It's so messed up. Demi struggled so hard with her cutting. Kathy is just jealous that Demi is so strong and had the courage to get help and then had the courage to openly talk about it to help other Lovatics who may be struggling with the same thing. So shameful Kathy, so shameful.


James is actually of the female gender. I'm certain of it. She is one of a few trolls on this site, probably went Rogue. I'm thinking I may just punk her ass.When I do, it will be nothing personal, it will be strictly for sport.


Me? Psh. I'm just someone who screwed your dead mom. Then again so did a hundred other people. You should be happy that your mom is still being ravaged after all these years ;)


Not much more to say you have pretty well showed everyone on here whatever you are.YOU ARE A WINNER that is for sure.

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