Justin Bieber Paparazzi Foil Charged in Highway Chase

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The moron who chased Justin Bieber around a Los Angeles freeway earlier this month might soon pay for his actions in court.

As previously reported, the artist was pulled over on July 6 for driving around 80 miles per hour, but witnesses confirmed he was doing his best to speed away from multiple members of the paparazzi who were after him for photographs.

Justin Bieber, Close Up

According to the City Attorney, a freelance "journalist" named Paul Raef was at the head of that pack and he's been charged with:

  • Two counts of following another vehicle too closely and reckless driving, with the intent to capture pictures for commercial gain.
  • One count of reckless driving.
  • One count of failing to obey the lawful order of a peace officer.

If convicted on all charges, Raef could face up to one year in jail and fines of $3,500.

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Justin Drew Bieber...you're everything in my life. I'm Bilieber!!!
You are my favorite singer!!1
I cry with my sister because you music "As long as you love me" is so beautiful!!!


Justin I love you so much you're my favoritensinger and I cry with my sister because i love you music: As long as you love me


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He is my inspiration... he is an AMAZING kid he has made alot of people believe in there selfs, I don't know why alot of you guys dont like him? I think you people should be proud of him he is involved with over 20 charities for kids and he donated over $100,000 to a school of poor homeless kids that amazing for him to do, that aleast he dont go over bord with his money and blow it on stupid things. Also he made a 6 year old with brian cancer's dream come ture i bet you can't do that. But aleast resepct the fact that he is a good person and millions adore him for that.....


Justin Bieber is my inspiration..... i say his name everyday, He is a really good kid and i think he should be more appreciated for what he does, he made alot of people believe in him and there selves I say without him i would not be a really good person like i am now i would be fighting and being a rebel in school and to my family, so give him some credit you would have went 80 miles a hour down the highway if you had to get away from crazy obsess fans and you know it


y ppl disturb him so much. Ppl should leave him to live happy life


I love him too.And all the paparazzi are just been so dam desperate at times to get a sertain picture.It might b there job but for godsake chasing them down a freeway is just plain wrong.All he wants is a normal and to be chilled living his life not been chased by paparazzi 24/7!!?:)


byeee byeee !!


Although I do not condone Justin's reckless driving, I am very glad that he called the police and pressed charges on this pap. Those people are ruthless and don't care who they might possibly harm in the attempt to get a stupid picture. Yes, I understand that that is their job but driving at those speeds and chasing someone to snap a picture is crossing the line. Did we forget what happened to Princess Diana?? All you you hating on Justin need to remember her tragic death that was CAUSED BY PAPARAZZI. We don't need anymore of these incidents. It's about time paps have to pay for their actions. And to the person who said "Justin thinks he is above the law" he actually was sited by an officer for going way over the speed limit and his car was recently impounded.