Jon Stewart Bashes NBC for Opening Ceremony Cutaway

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Slamming NBC's coverage of the Summer Olympics has become as much of a sport these days as swimming, archery or basketball.

The network is not airing many key events as they happen. It's even spoiling its very own primetime tapings by announcing the winner of various races earlier in the day. It's a mess all around.

But Jon Stewart has found a different reason to go off on NBC: its decision to cutaway from an Opening Ceremony tribute to the victims of the 7/7/05 bombing in London... in favor of an interview between Ryan Seacrest and Michael Phelps.

“You wouldn’t air a six-minute tribute to the rest of the world’s terror victims? Because the world’s most overexposed land-based mammal had a chance to speak to the world’s most overexposed water-based mammal?” Stewart asks in the clip above

NBC has defended the decision by noting that it tailors the Olympics for an American audience, giving Stewart an easy target, considering the woeful ratings that network has endured for years:

“You’re NBC! You don’t know how to tailor television for an American audience!”

Point, Jon Stewart.


It should have been shown out of respect for those people and their country! It makes Americans look cold, that we dont care about other countries. Booo NBC!


It was NBC that edited the Zimmerman tape as well. They're pathetic.


NBC is tailoring the coverage for an American audience....are they saying we Americans don't care about or to hear the tribute for the victims. Pardon me but we are all human, all connected regardless of our address. Maybe it's those at NBC that don't care, they shouldn't speak for all of us.
Goodness media, give us some credit here.


NBC expertise is in editing 911 tapes. It's hard for them to report live telecasts. I hope NBC follow up on the latest findings in the Black Panther case at the polls in 2008.


The coverage friggin sucks. I am not eve watching it.

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