Emily Maynard Blogs About Men Tell All Special

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A week prior to The Bachelorette finale, Emily Maynard came face-to-face with her potential suitors on last night's Men Tell All special.

What was the most challenging aspect of the reunion for this beautiful single mother? Seeing Sean Lowe again, Emily admitted in a new blog entry.

"I didn't feel like we had much closure, and it was really important to me that he knew that everything I felt was 100 percent real for me," Maynard writes, adding that she's thrilled Sean is now in a "great place."

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Who will Emily actually end up with? Visit our section of Bachelorette spoilers for a few theories.

Who got slammed the hardest on this week's special? That's easy: Kalon.

"He made it pretty clear he wasn't sorry, so I wasn't going to sit there and let him think he was tricking me into thinking he was a nice guy," says Maynard. "People like Kalon make me sad and I'm just glad I never have to waste another second thinking about him!"

NOTE: The Bachelorette finale will actually air on Sunday night, so set your DVR accordingly and answer now: Who should Emily pick?

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For Emily to say she thought she was in love with Arie up to the very last minute and then change her mind and chose Jef is such Bullship. True love isn't a last minute choice. And for Emily to claim she is "a lady" on Jimmy Kimmel and that is why she and Jef haven't had their own fantasy suite is Bullship. How does "a lady" get pregnant then Emily? How does "a lady" date David while engaged to Brad? Emily is a TV whore wanta be. Stay tuned. She will dump Jef and move on to the next victim. She wants as much air time as she can get. She is after a career in TV. Brad, Jef are all stepping stones. And please stop with all the little crying episodes you are not the good of an actress.


I have been an admirer of Emily Maynard. I still am wondering if she and Jef ever discussed Mormonism. Being married to a Mormon, especially one whose parents are deeply involved with the work of the church would certainly be an adjustment. Hope she is up to it, if she indeed picks Jef. If she has picked Arie, it was predictable as she always has been interested in the race track and race car drivers.
Just sayin'!


Hello Jaybird369 I feel you Emily is big airhead and she is going to get Bored and she will step out if she would moved to Austin TX and she could have the run of her life being married to to guy with not one but four bar (dinner) she will be a joke with Jef is a business person and he going to be gone a lot so she will be at home and Arie is a car racer and he will be around the ladies and he won't have time for her and Ricki So that leave the man Sean he would be there for her in the evening they do the same kind of work they work with teens with special needs or illness or something like that at less at the in of the he would be home.


In my posting from a short while ago, I meant to put the word for in-between the words looking and the. MY BAD!!!!!


Since that brainless airhead Emily VERY STUPIDLY sent Sean (Sean...what a CUTIE...LOL!!!!!) home, here's where I think it now stands between Emily and the final 2:
1. Arie. If Emily chooses Arie, trust me...Emily's gonna financially ride all over Arie for what he'$$$ worth for a while and then dump him.
2. Jef. If Emily chooses Jef, this is another scenario that will end B-A-D-L-Y. Soon enough, Emily will get BORED AS HELL living in Utah (aka Mormon Land) and will be looking the the nearest/quickest escape route. Yep. Peace.


I'm glad Emily sent Sean home. She was not right for him. He is very well put together and Emily is not. Not to mention the "potty mouth" she has. How can anyone say how sweet she is when she "F's" this and "F's" that! She demands attention and think will wear the pants in the family if the guy will let her. I also agree that she is out for the money. I love Jef but I think she will take him for everything he has and bring a bad name to his generous business. Arie! Jef! Get out while you can!!!


I have to agree with little Mo. Emily is out to ride on the biggest and the best gravy train that she can hop on. You can rest assured she will choose the bachelor who can provide her with the most and the best...after all look at what she has spent on herself...silicone..veneers...etc. to get through life on a ride. Maybe rather than being a gold digger...get an education and get a job..lots of single mothers do it!


I am from Charlotte. I live near Emily and have met her but do not know her well. I choose however to revere my single girlfriends who work 50 plus hr weeks, struggle to provide without help...those are my Heros! Also, as the widow of a marine, we should revere those and true everyday heros and not reality TV stars! It has gotten ridiculous!


sarah dear, i do have an education. i dont spellcheck. youre pathetic!


you suck Sarah....how she spelled lose...get a life....