Beyonce: PISSED at BET Awards Lauryn Hill Diss

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Boy band Mindless Behavior flat out dissed Lauryn Hill on live TV last night, and the joke apparently upset Beyonce, one of the 2012 BET Award winners, to the point where she changed her acceptance speech to honor The Fugees singer.

The diss went down womedian Mike Epps and the guys from Mindless Behavior were all getting set to co-present the award for Best R&B Artist.

Mike, who can't carry a tune to save his life, jokingly tried to sing. One of the dudes said, "You sing BAD ... like Lauryn Hill's tax accountant bad."

The zinger, a reference to Lauryn Hill's felony tax evasion case, elicited gasps from the crowd, including Beyonce, who was far from pleased.

Winning the award moments later, Bey said, "I want to thank all the talented R&B women that came before me like Lauryn Hill and Mary J. Blige."

As she walked off stage, she could be heard venting about the insult, saying the dude's Lauryn Hill joke was "disrespectful" and "not cool."

When a BET handler complimented Beyonce's shout-out to the maligned Hill, the "Halo" singer replied, "I just felt [the diss] was wrong."

What do you think of the Lauryn Hill diss?

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i think people need to stop taking stuff to heart your a celebirty people are going to make jokes and cracks about you get over it people are going to talk about you untill your dead and then some like damn it was a joke im not even a fan and im sticking up for them


Well Lauryn hill did walk off stage a few times because there "too many white people, where were the black folk"! I hope she has matured since her 'reverse racist rant'!!!


it was a joke MBdidnt mean it it was scripted i love MB so im takeing up for them no matter wwhat in my favoirt out of the group is RAYRAY so i am gonna take up for him no matter what...


Dats right B! Tell dem lil 'talentlee', 'homos' who won't even be around or even remembered in 2 yrs! Lauren hill has contributed so much musically n her personal biz should be 'off limits' especiaaly coming from african american artist who have a hard time with imaging in our society should know better! Even if BET wrote it, the group or their mgr should have had enough sense and respect to refuse to say it which I have seen artist do b4! Thx B for being a strong beautiful black woman n stickin up 4 another one, n its refreshing to see women treating each other that way instead of hating as we normally see in our socieety!


Lmao B arnt u too old to be getting mad at kids he knew nothing about the joke so lay off his ass ok u better pick on somebody your size n age like the BET or u afraid u might not get nominated for n award next year it was just a silly funny joke so lay off Ray Ray ok please


Who the hell cares if Beyonce is pissed, she is so overrated and she really isnt all that.


It's not MB's fault,lay off them. BET should apologize. Infact errbody should chill,it's just a JOKE


im not a fan of MB nor do i like them, but personally i feel this is not their fault B.E.T. gave them a script and all they did was say what they were told, so this is B.E.T. fault


MB was only doing what they were told so people need to go complain to BET and see how that works.


Beyonce is not mad at mindless behavior she's mad at BET who wrote that for them to say and people on twitter really need to lay off the hate on them who they should be really hating on is BET for that dry joke.

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