Lauryn Hill Pleads Guilty, Faces Years in Prison For Failure to Pay Taxes

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Singer Lauryn Hill just pleaded guilty to a federal crime, admitting she did not file several years' worth of tax returns in the past decade, and failed to do so on purpose no less.

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    1. THE I.

    2. THE R.

    3. THE S.


    @Jim- what you should know that in 2012, part of the Obamacare takes care of Muslims. The muslim religion sees insurance as a sin so they cannot be taxed for Obamacare but they can still gain the benifits.


    Settle Down Jill- do what you think is right. Don't tell others how to think and how to vote. It's arrogant to tell others that the way YOU feel is the way that they need to feel also. C'mon. Jeez.


    The epitome of "amazing" is that this woman faces jail time for tax evasion since 2005 while Warren Buffett's company owes almost 1 Billion in back taxes since '05 and Obama honors that ole Goat Buffet with a Medal of Honor at the White House this year. be cozy with the POTUS! Then life is sooooooooooooooooo good! Not fair and equitable, but nonetheless...good! Yeah!


    Only two things in life are certain... Death and Taxes. You cant avoid either!


    What was that talented lady thinking; you can't get away with not paying your fair share of taxes when you earn millions of dollars. She must have been delusional or something; where was her management team. I don't blame the IRS for cracking down on her careless actions. I have always paid my taxes every year on my just average income. I hope that she is a good mother to all those kids.


    Vote obama its so important.Tell your friends neighbors and vote vote vote.


    And his obamacare is good wait and see.its like social security,medicare it helps people.when social security passed all our parents rely on it.


    Vote Obama the stakes are high.If Romney wins he will make supreme court conservative meaning he elects next 3justices.


    She doesn't make the best choices for someone so talented. She made racist remarks towards white people, has multiple children out of wedlock, now this?!?! It's not just her, plenty of wealthy people think they can get away with things that us "regular" people can't get away with.

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