Adrian Peterson Arrested, Charged With Resisting Arrest in Club Altercation

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NFL star Adrian Peterson shoved an off-duty police officer in a Houston bar early Saturday morning, leading to his arrest, the Houston P.D. says.

An off-duty officer was working security for the nightclub Live! at Bayou Place when closing time came and he told patrons it was time to leave.

The officer had to tell Peterson a second time he had to leave and the Vikings running back shot back, "Hey man, we heard you the first time!"

He then pushed the officer in the back of his shoulder, causing him to stumble.

Adrian Peterson Photo

The officer then told Peterson to turn around and put his arms behind his back because he was under arrest and Peterson began yelling at him.

The officer repeated himself and Peterson turned around to face the officer and got in "an aggressive stance," ignoring more verbal warnings.

A second and third officer then rushed over, according to the police, and they were finally able to arrest the all-star athlete and take him to jail.

He was booked on the charge of resisting arrest.

Adrian Peterson was heavily intoxicated at the time of his arrest, which was very out of character for him, according to the nightclub owner.

Peterson has been to the club before, but he has never known him to drink much. He was reportedly a difficult customer all night Friday, though.

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This dude got his "just desserts"! Enough said!

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Off duty plain clothes cops have the same abilites as uniformed officers. Adrian shouldn't have touched the cop in any way. He's not above the law.


how can an out of duty officer on a personnel gig arrest people, just because he wants?


Adrian can have fun too. we party all night


soooo... he was being put under arrest in the first place because he showed someone´s shoulder.... keep up the good work Houston...


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I was eating at a Steakhouse with my family in Houston 6 months ago. A current NFL Star from the Houston area walks in with his entourage, sits at a table near by. I ask myself, how long before I hear (MOTHERFUCKER) come out of one of their mouths. It was 5 minutes. Disappointment can be a motherfucker as well when you think you are above the law.

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