Timothy Poe, America's Got Talent Soldier/Stutterer, Stands By Story

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Last night, viewers were treated to one surprisingly impressive act on America's Got Talent: Andrew De Leon, a gothic-looking opera singer.

They were also treated to one controversial contestant: Timothy Poe, a veteran who claimed to have developed a major stutter after suffering an injury in Afghanistan. You can watch video of his audition and backstory here...

HOWEVER, multiple sources have now come forward and are casting doubt on Poe's assertion that a RPG blast in 2009 resulted in this brain-damaged condition.

First, there's the Minnesota National Guard, which said in a statement to Yahoo! TV: "Sgt. Poe's official military records do not indicate that he was injured by a grenade in combat while serving in Afghanistan in 2009, as he reports.

Then, there's investigative work by The Associated Press, which dispute Poe's self-proclaimed 14 years of service and state it could only find evidence that he was a specialist for nine years and did not receive a Purple Heart, which is handed out to all military personnel injured in combat.

Finally, there's this simple quotes from Poe's ex-wife to The New York Post: "There were no combat injuries. I think he developed a 'feel sorry for me' stutter."

Poe tells TMZ, however, that it's not unusual for there to be medical record snafus coming out of Afghanistan and that he DID receive treatment at a medical facility in that country before moving to one in Landstuhl, Germany.

But he also said, citing legal reasons, that he cannot produce any evidence to back up these claims.

What do you think of all this? Do you believe Timothy Poe's story?


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life is beautiful


Whether it is true or not should have no bearing. I wish AGT would stop telling the back stories and just focus on the talent. Later you can tell the back story of the winner.


I read my sons rating report from his commander in Iraq, and it mentioned the 90 combat missions he lead in Iraq and commended him for never losing a soldier in combat. I've met his commander and listened as they told horror stories about their tour to each other and laughed about the conditions when they got together and had a few drinks. I've also seen the photos he took while in combat. He was infantry for 8 years but was sent to Iraq ax a supply sgt. He was volunteered because of his infantry training and background for a unit that only spent 1 day a week in the fob at most and spent the year in the field. His unit knows nothing about his mission or his activities, and he did not return with them at the end of his deployment. There is no mention of his missions or injuries in his folder at his unit. It also doesn't mention his service during the first gulf war. The information for both are classified and his battalion commander controls them separately.


The truth will come out. @Rick: I don't think it matters if you were in supply or any other MOS. All members of the armed forces are combat Soldier first as it was embedded into our heads during basic combat training. Even if we may not be career infantrymen, but when call upon, it's our duty to pickup that M16 and terminate the enemy to protect USA. In fact, we had a company of National Guard tankers deployed overseas to perform military police functions. This is something out of their comfort zone when they rather be wrapped around 60 tons of solid steel than patrol in a Non-armored makeshift hummer. I'm just pointing out the fact that no matter if you are sitting behind a desk or out in the motorpool, if they need you to clear buildings, guess what, you're going to have to come up with some knock knock jokes, because you're kicking it down.


It's all possible - that the National Guard messed up his records, etc. But what cannot be explained is the fake picture he produced. Why did he do this if he wasn't intending to deceive everyone?


Myra Robinson - "just because someone said it never happened does not meant it is not true. my husband served twice in Vietnam and they said he did not,cause they could not find his records,he has all his records,he kept them here at home to make sure they never got lost. My husband went through hell to prove he served his country. he has the physical proof." AMEN!!! And I don't even want to guess at the HUGE number of times military doctors said someone was ok when they weren't. For all we know, it could be PTSD which the military takes turn ignoring and throwing multitudes of pills at but never really helps. Praying for all dealing with military SNAFUS, especially if their health is being affected by them.


Doesn't matter what I or anyone else believes really. If it's false, Karma will catch up with him eventually and will discipline him. What goes around comes around, and no one ever gets off scot free.


He's emberrased his whole freakin' family! HE SHALL FACE THY POWER OF ZALGO


Anyone that has been deployed with a National Guard element that is not on its game know pretty well what it is like when you have to deal with the MPD post deployment. Once deployment is done they basically disband and anything they fail to upload into iPerms is gone forever unless the Soldier got a copy. This is usually not feasible if said Soldier was treated, incapacitated or moved. 4 Soldiers in my Unit alone cannot get their Combat Action badge because the MPD vanished.


when asked he said "nnnoo cccooommmm cooommennt"