The Bachelorette Promo: Arie Luyendyk Relationship With Producer Exposed!

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Arie Luyendyk, Jr.'s much-discussed relationship with a producer on The Bachelorette will apparently be discussed on next week's episode of the hit show.

This has been well-documented throughout the season, but until now, it was unclear if Emily knew at all, let alone found out in the middle of the season.

Numerous reports about Arie Luyendyk, Jr. and Cassie Lambert have circulated, though his friends have defended him and downplayed the relationship.

What really happened and how will Emily Maynard react?

The surprising preview for next week (above) certainly makes it look like she's not happy, though the producers may be more to blame than Arie here.

According to Reality Steve, when Emily found out, she realized the show's brain trust knew about Cassie and Arie the whole time and kept it from her.

"Arie was told to never bring up the Cassie relationship to Emily and that it was already taken care of," according to Steve, "yet, it wasn’t taken care of."

However Emily does find out about Arie and Cassie having a relationship, it remains to be seen whether it will torpedo the race car driver's chances.

The Bachelorette spoilers we've posted throughout the season offer some hints in that regard. What do you think? Should she kick him off the show?

If she does, she'll be parting ways with one of the favorites. Check out this clip of Arie and Emily on last night's episode, getting cozy in Croatia ...


returns I am shocked at how the time flies in a baby's first year.a0a0a0 We did Emily's nebworn shoot at 7 weeks, and she was probably my easiest nebworn to date, even at that age.a0a0a0


*nose job


After watching The latest episode of The Bachelorette, Emily has finally shown the world the fake, jealous, petty, ugly side of her. Note to Emily: everyone has secrets, even you. Judging from the pictures the tabloids dug out from your yearbook, it is obvious you had a use job. Why don't you come right out and tell the boys about it? You kept wanting the world to be honest with you, but I think you need your own reality check. And when you found out about Arie's past, you turned into a complete raging bitch! But guess what, girl, UGLY looks good on you! Good luck boys, if you are looking for an honest girl, Emily's NOT one of them. Try asking her who she has kissed during the course of the show and see how she fumbles! And swearing here and there does not a good mother maketh. Get over yourself, girl!


I love Arie and have been a fan of his from night one. Why was it even brought up to begin with, it's in the past. Everyone has a past. Yes, Arie should have told her but, if she honestly loves him she should forgive him for not saying anything. I'd like to know what the producers motives are/were in telling Emily when she did.


As much I enjoyed watching Emily and Arie together and there in no undeniable that this two have a good chemistry together and you can tell that Arie is falling for her II feel sorry for Arie..he dated the producer almost nine years ago. Who cares it's not even a serious relationship, that Arie' s past and he move on Iam sick and tired watching this Drama queen acting like she had never had a past. In her life before she is acting like a goddess,she is just been a recoycled from Brad season ..thank goodness that she had a good group of guys on the show..I really hpong that she won't pick Arie so he will be the Next. Bachelor. And I don't think she is good for him


islandgal, brought up a very good point. I mean...I think it's common knowledge that these, um, contestants (BOTH male and female) go on reality shows looking for fame and/or fortune. As for Emily, I hear that she and her deceased husband's parents really cannot stand each other. And, whenever the grandparents themselves try to talk to Emily about any matter concerning Emily's young daughter, Emily gets and acts VERY DISRESPECTFUL towards them. Most of all, I think that Emily is an overly emotional and bipolar 24/7 DRAMA QUEEN!!!!! And, I once read somewhere that Emily is VERY BIPOLAR!!!!! Bottom Line here...whoever Emily ends up with at the end, the poor fella (whoever he is) has no idea what in the H-E-L-L he is getting himself into!!!!! YIKES!!!!!


Arie is one of her favorites because he makes the most money. I feel bad for these guys and if their motives to be on the show are the 15 minutes of fame...then GOOD for them. A lifetime with this
controlling pre-madonna is NOT winning!!!!!!!
If she doesn't have class enough not to be vulgar on the show can you imagine her everyday language???? Wonder how often the kid hears that tone???? She is a narcissist looking for the perfect guy who's life she can destry in a New York minute.


Is it me, or did they clone Holy Madison into Emily Maynard? By the way this show is (although fun to watch) over produced and soo fake on many points that's kind of weird to watch without having doubts about everything being showed. Maybe it's typically American ;-)


If Arie had this relationship 9am yrs ago-that is ancient history! He Is my fav!!! Jef's true family thinking is Not the same as hers!!!!


This is getting ridiculous. Arie was NOT one of my favorites from the beginning. And, now, his so-called relationship with this Cassie chick is further proof of my general dislike for Arie. Besides, Arie looks and acts kind of dorky. Furthermore, dorky men kind of WORK MY NERVES!!!!! Most of all, Emily is starting to get on my nerves. I looks like Emily has very ridiculously high-ass standards. Bottom Line here: I cannot wait until this season of The Bachelorette is over with. Case closed. PEACE!!!!!

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