Sister Wives' Kody Brown: I'm Not a Womanizer!

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Sister Wives' Kody Brown may have four wives and 17 kids, but that does not make the polygamist reality TV star a womanizer, he insists.

In a new tell-all interview with NBC News' Natalie Morales, Kody and wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn were grilled about their lifestyle.

Their new book, Becoming Sister Wives, also details much of the same material, notably Kody's past and his many girlfriends in high school.

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Some viewers might say that's not particularly surprising, considering he now has four wives (he's only legally married to his first wife, Meri).

Kody explained in the interview with Morales that when he was 14, he was trying to figure out his life as a wild boy, before his "calling."

His calling as a spiritual person, that is.

Natalie's response? "So it wasn't that you chose religion to be a womanizer?" Incredulous and stunned, Kody replied, "Is that what you think I am, a womanizer?"

He went on to defend himself, insisting that he had "done the emotional work" in his relationships and "shouldered their needs as much as I could."

He insists, "I was never womanizing. ... This is NOT an open marriage."

Is it, though? No doubt he cares for each, but is religion just providing cover for him to pursue new women? Wonder what Meri & Co. think deep down.

Sister Wives:


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I like the family and it's not up to us to judge these people or anybody else, however, Cody get rid of the purple shirt. LOL
I think it would be nice to be a family like that. I would get my space and be able to sleep in my own bed most of the time ALONE!!! I wish them God's blessing's.


Molly, I think you have a type on your post. You said ''this show sets a bad example for our white kids.'' I think you meant to say''for us white trash.''


You are right it is his life style and it should not be on t.v trying to get paid, because he need the money for the house hold. The people should not even be picking up the tabs for these ladies and kids .


I am hooked on this show and on this family. They are good-hearted people who have successfully raised good kids. I would not live this way, but all of the women entered this situation voluntarily and seem generally happy, so who is to judge? In an earlier interview with the family, the interviewer briefly touched on the horrifying FLDS/Warren Jeffs situation; Robyn was in tears, and responded that they were also very upset by all that.


Never have seen the show but sorta gross sets bad example for our white kids wouldnt be watchng this.


Variations on a theme....they are anyhow, he's just...him....Pass.


Oops, not a good dad.


@Eyes......every single one of these women has filed bankruptcy and has been on welfare at some point. So when they put "ernest money" down on four huge brand spanking new homes, it pisses me off. Yet I find myself watching this show. I find the wives interesting. Jealousy was going to play a roll and it has. Things are starting to crack and I want to see how they fix it. Kody is not a good day, it's impossible with that many.
The older brother stepped up to do his fathers roll. Like taking his sister to that dance. It saddens me when parents shift THEIR responsiblities. When he and his siblings turned 16, they all should have looked for jobs. That is the way to teach them for the future!!



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