Savannah Guthrie or Ann Curry: Who Would You Rather... Watch?

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Ann Curry will be fired from The Today Show any moment now.

So reports TMZ, which claims the anchor and the NBC morning program are simply haggling over contract details.

Curry is owed $20 million over the next two years and reportedly wants to pocket that dough and take her walking papers, while the network wants to give her half that amount and stick her as a foreign correspondent.

Either way, Savannah Guthrie has already struck a deal with Today and will take over for Curry as soon as she leaves, which prompts the obvious question: Which reporter would you rather... watch?

And the Winner is?

Here Today, gone tomorrow? Which host would you rather tune in to watch, Ann Curry or Savannah Guthrie? View Poll ยป

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Ann Curry is missed bably and Savannah Guthrie is not good at his job and it looked like she fliped Matt Lauer off the other day, and those Glasses are allful. Please bring Ann Curry back if not for top anchor, then news desk where she was and let Natalie Morales have Savannah job. Willi is great and al Roker and Matt Lauer. I dont care for Tamron she doesnt act right she acts bad on tv its a news show not late night she not funny but trys ro be she wont shut up nd let Al or willy talk she always moving around and trying to be center of attention kindly loke Savannah both are childish I wish another channel would get Ann or ring her back you did her wrong I quit watching for long time and maybe I will quit again.


I grew up watching The Today Show. It was the only morning show I ever watched growing up and once I started my own family.
Ann Curry being fired is absolutely horrible. She is the most honest, humble, smart and brave anchor they have on television. She is a great reporter that is half journalist and half therapist. Her empathy and compassion for others just shines through. I can't stand Samantha. She looks awkward in her clothes (like a giant), is not sincere, and has no chemistry with the team. Matt should have fought for Ann. He should go. And someone needs to snap up Ann Curry quick and take her away from NBC. If they don't appreciate you, you don't need them. Go the The View. They need you badly there. You are a class act. You are someone I look up to!!!!


It is time to can both Lauer and Guthrie and reconstitute with Natalie Morales and Al Roker. At least viewers like these people. Firing Ann Curry was huge mistake!. She may be a little too sweet some times but she was always a class act and very real. Goodbye NBC; after 20 yrs., I, for one, am moving on.


Today Show used to have a diverse cast. Savannah Gunthrie and Natalie Morales look almost like twins. They have the same hair and the same age. Did anyone notice this? I thought I'm seeing double. That's not the worst part. After seeing these two together at the Olympics segment giggling and behaving like coeds on a spring break, I thought they're going to strip down to their bikinis any second and start tossing a beach ball. It's like double your pleasure and double the ratings. I had to switch channels.


I miss Ann Curry, and no longer am a loyal fan of they have shown the world that they don't even know the meaning on the word "loyal". They broke up Americas family, with Ann being the one person we welcomed into our homes more than any of the others. She is genuine and classy....NBC could take some lessons. So go ahead NBC, show us how younger and perkier is better....and we'll show you (by changing the channel) that you threw away the best team you ever had. Thanks for robbing your viewers of what we loved (Ann Curry) and leaving us with Matt (who loves himself enough for all of us). Goodbye NBC.


I have always thought Matt was an egotistical elitist and ruins the show. How stupid to think they should change Ann's hair color. The dark hair is so striking on her, can you imagine her as a blonde? Savanah Guthrie comes across as a real lightweight always giggling. NBC has been shooting themselves in the foot for years now. The 3 original networks are going down.


No longer a today show fan changing channels . You did the wrong thing. Everyone loved ann curry.
Maybe you should get rid of Matt. Savannah is nothing compared to Ann. You made a BIG mistake.


Ann Curry is a trooper and I really enjoyed her soft spoken
calm voice. Gruthie for some reason just seems out of place
to young and perfect for Matt to over shadow. I believe Matt
is a smartass and very cruel demeanor I never liked him or
Meredith they both think they are better than others. The big
deal done for Meredith was wrong and my respect is gone for
TODAY is gone. Ann Curry I for one love how you did on that
show and since your off I rarely watch it anymore. The high
hatter's need to go you need to be on with Hoda because co-
person is another one to upidy. Good luck Ann...


Big mistake. Big big mistake to let Ann Curry go, especially how she was treated. I tried to watch the Today Show after Ann left lets rephrase that - got the shaft! Can they ram Savannah Guthrie down your throat any further. It,s as though they can,t do a segment without her. They all cost over her like she some China doll. Couldn't,t stand her before and it,s way worse now. NBC has scared itself for life, I,m afraid its short lived!!!


My family will no longer watch the today show. We love Ann Curry and Natalie and Al Roker but we have staarted to watch GailKing
and we are enjoying Charlie, Erica and Gail.

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