Politician Plays "Pick Out the Immigrant" with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez

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Are you ready, THG readers, to play everyone's favorite new game: Pick Out the Immigrant... starring Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez!

With most of the political world reacting today to the Supreme Court upholding Barack Obama's healthcare plan, it's worth also noting that Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) took the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday and expressed his disdain for the Arizona immigration policy that, essentially, allows police offers to ask for the identification of any resident, merely based on his/her appearance.

"In Arizona today, all that stands between you and a legal nightmare is whether a police officer feels there is a reasonable suspicion to inquire about your country of origin. Yet, Arizona politicians will tell you with a straight face no less, that they can apply this law without using racial profiling."

Gutierrez then aimed to prove these folks wrong by posting several images of celebrities and asking Congressmen to determine which is the immigrant. Watch for yourself:

"The point is simple," Gutierrez concludes. "The idea that any government official can determine who belongs in America and who doesn't simply by looking at them is completely ridiculous, unfair and un-American ... and yet this absurdity is the law of Arizona."

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whatever they said
its good to see jelena together
SELENA is pretty and bubbly
and Justin is hard worker and amazing
i respect them


This is the biggest bunch of shit I've ever seen. Typical liberal play on race trying to pit brown against white! It aint going to work fools. Hispanics want to work and Obama ain't putting them to work! Case closed. Bunch of dumbasses you are!


I'll say it again...the Democrats are pulling this foolishness to simply garner votes! It's a fact! Sorry if you can' face it, Bitch! As a patriotic American it wouldn't bother me to be stopped. I have nothing to hide. I'm a legal citizen & fed up to the back teeth paying for those who aren't! (And it'll only get worse if something isn't done about this flood of illegals) Stopping & checking is the only way to handle the flux of illegals! If you're a legal Hispanic and a proud American, you'd quit bitchin' and start doing what may be asked of you to get the illegals sorted out from the legals. It's the only way, you idiot! Wake up!


Bitches likeYou create hate toward yourself.You be the first call the cops although you got a beating for being racist.Fuck white people thnk they rule world.


I fourth generation family came here late 1800.We are as much American as you cunt.When did your familia come to the states?bitch.


It has nothing to do with bein democrat,its morally wrong to be stopped and then the kids in the car can grow up thinking i dont look normal but im Amercan


You need to bitch slapped,your a poor excuse for a woman.I feel sorry the your kids,they will get their ass kick in school by what you teach them.Then you be ABC winding.


You have no clue what its like to be judged.You wouldnt like being stopped cuz u look white and they wanted to deport you for looking kkk.your dumb bitch.from one bitch to anoter.


What do you expect from a Democrat anyway? Their little plan is to get the Hispanic vote by hook or by crook. They are exploiting the reality of this nation's 'broken borders' crisis for their political gain at the voting booth. Any patriotic citizen would be happy to cooperate with police so that the illegals could be sorted out from the legal citizens.


Instead of profiling latins who mean no harm make a law to stop blks guarantee they have pot or drugs they b selling

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