Octomom to Throw Down in Celebrity Pillow Fighting Championships

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Octomom Nadya Suleman is getting ready to throw it down in the Celebrity Pillow Fighting Championships ... which is apparently an actual thing.

Despite the fact that Octomom's porn star career is in full swing, she's still trying to make more cash money starting June 23 in Broomall, Pa.

On the same card with the "Pillow Fighting Championships," to be exact.

Octomom Boxing

Nadya will be fighting Shila, co-host of Philadelphia radio's "Chio, Shila & Tingle in the Morning," who says she is excited to fight Octomom.

The public "fight" between the women involves three one-minute rounds. Nadya is the favorite, with a 5-0 record in celebrity boxing and 1-0 in pillow fights.

Shila, on the other hand, will be stepping into the ring for the first time.

"I'm not sure who the girl is I'm pillow-fighting with, but I heard she has never been in the ring before,” Nadya Suleman told the Huffington Post.

“I've done this several times, and I will remain undefeated!"

Except by life. She's getting pummeled in that arena.

[Photo: WENN.com]


Octomom could give a couple of her kids to Casey Anthony, I sure she misses Caylee..


Yawn. Maybe she should stay home and raise her kids. Welfare is paying her, this is just for more spending money.


Is this a joke? Who in their right mind would want to see this? I'd pay to see it if it was bare knuckle or with baseball bats!


fear and loathing on planet earth i must be on a bad lsd trip casey anthony octomom kar ass ians reality tv hollywood stars oprah talking too five cents young people hope this.trip ends soon.


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