Luka Rocco Magnotta, Former Adult Film Star, Named Suspect in Gruesome Montreal Murder

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Luka Rocco Magnotta, a former adult film actor, is alleged to have brutally killed a man in Montreal and shipped at least two body parts to political parties in Canada.

He is now the subject of an international manhunt.

Thursday morning, INTERPOL issued an international arrest warrant for Magnotta, who may have fled overseas, with France as one possible destination.

He is still at large as of this report.

The global bulletin follows a Canada-wide warrant issued by Montreal police hours after officers first entered the 29-year-old suspect's blood-soaked apartment.

It was the scene of one of the most gruesome killings in Montreal in recent memory. Investigators found a torso left in a suitcase, while a hand and foot were mailed to the Ottawa offices of the Liberal and Conservative parties.

Police have obtained a video allegedly depicting the crime, and are taking steps to have it removed from a website where it was posted.

As authorities search for Magnotta, the young man's past has come under the microscope and Canadians are trying to come to terms with what kind of person might have committed such gruesome acts. Who is Luka Rocco Magnotta?

Born in Scarborough, Ontario, in 1982 as Eric Clinton Newman, he changed his name to Rocco Magnotta in 2006. He has also used the alias Vladimir Romanov.

According to a neighbor, Magnotta moved to Montreal four months ago.

Magnotta is a self-described male model who launched his bisexual porn acting career "doing webcam shows" in Los Angeles when he was 20 years old.

Photographs of him - often shirtless, his lips rouged and set in a model pout - are all over the Internet. Magnotta is featured in a number of online interviews about the porn industry and has often professed his love for cosmetic surgery.

According to the Montreal Gazette, animal-rights activists worldwide have been after Magnotta since 2010, after a video surfaced that allegedly showed him placing two kittens in a plastic bag and then vacuuming the air out, suffocating them.

Two more videos, also depicting the torture and killing of cats, also have been linked to Magnotta. A $5,000 reward was offered to bring him to justice.

Police say Magnotta was romantically linked to Karla Homolka, the former wife of convicted killer Paul Bernado. Homolka was convicted of manslaughter in the 1991-92 rape-murders of three young women, including Karla's sister Tammy Homolka.


this guy will either strike again or has already


@julia: this man was psycho before Karla. 4Chan, a techie website, already identified him as the kitten killer on the youtube videos long before he was ever linked to Karla. They would track him using his IP address in websites like Stormfront (very racist) and snurf youporn videos. Infact he is drawn to Karla purely for her notoriety which he exploited for a little fame. Karla is clearly innocent in this mess here!


I'm sorry but why doesn't anyone see the importance that this man has been linked to Karla. She has probably taken part in these brutal killings or told this man to do it like she did with Paul Bernardo. Yet she is free living in Bahamas and Montreal with a child and dog. I'm so disgusted that even now the government and press are protecting this monster.


@Roxy: what a dumb over reaction. vickie didnt call him a bad word. she just said that the article had a factual error. if they said his eyes were blue instead of brown wouldnt that be relevant? anyway, as somone has said, this is about public saftey not your overly sensitivity. it will help catch him faster if people know where he is likely to show up (gay clubs) and who he is likely to approach (gay men picking up male prostitutes)!!!!!


Excuse me, the woman who shot the ceiling in self defense had no prior record.


@Roxy: Get real. His victim had also been a sex partner and he seems to be into necrophilia too. The best way to keep the public safe is to inform them that he is homosexual and that population is at the most risk. Dont be so fucking prickly about stating a simple fact. I hate when the media are so overly PC that it puts peoples saftey at risk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


karla homolka is now emily bordelais with three children, happily married to an attorney in the dutch Antilles while a woman who shoots the ceiling in self defense, with prior record , awaits 20 yrs in a Florida penitiary. Something stinks here.


Definately relevant that the guy is gay; if hes hiding it will be in the gay underground scene. Trust me, many guys are shallow enough that they'll hide him for abit of ass. Mark my words - they will find him in a gay red light district or some Tricks house.


That guy in the picture looks older than 29, LOTS older.


Lord, what a sicko!!! Praying they catch him before he hurts anyone else cause it seems this guy has absolutely no conscience whatsoever which puts everyone everywhere at risk until he's found and captured. And how'd he hook up with Homolka? Wasn't she serving a life sentence for her part in the murders her husband committed, including the torture, rape and murder or her own younger sister? She sure should have been.

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