Lindsay Lohan Claims BRAKES FAILED, Caused Crash

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Lindsay Lohan. What she won't think of next.

The star is telling her friends that the BRAKES ON HER RENTED PORSCHE DID NOT WORK properly, thus causing her serious car accident Friday.

Lohan slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler and is thankfully okay, as is the truck driver and the personal assistant traveling with Lindsay.

It seems like the blame game is being played once again, however, as LiLo claimed the semi cut her off ... and the truck driver says otherwise.

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Lindsay says that after the truck cut her off, she claims she slammed on the brakes and ... nothing happened! Somehow - this is the best - Lindsay also says she was told the Porsche's brakes on the rental were replaced two days before the crash.

Is Lindsay Lohan subtly implying someone wanted her dead and cut her brakes so she'd crash?!? That sounds like a plot from NCIS: Los Angeles.

Someone ought to write a Lohan Book of Excuses, because there have really been some all-timers, but in any case, she says she's lucky to be alive.

As for the guy driving the truck Lindsay smashed into?

James (last name withheld) says her account is - you guessed it - a complete lie and he has the witnesses to prove it was all LiLo's fault.

James emphatically denied cutting her off and claims he has multiple witnesses that saw the actress "flying" down the Pacific Coast Highway.

He says he couldn't possibly have cut Lohan off because he was already in the right lane when the accident, which totaled her car, occurred.

What's more, he said Lindsay's camp tried to bribe him at the scene of the accident in an effort to keep him quiet about the event.

Lohan was also trying to flee the scene, he claims, and when he tried to stop her from doing so, her people tried to buy his silence.

Sounds a little far-fetched ... but you never know with Lindsay. Bottom line, girl, you make a lot of money. Just hire a freaking driver.



Porsche has the most advanced "black box" that will reveal and reconstruct the events. Not to mention - even without the EDR, any claims that brakes failed will be fully tested and the facts will be what they are.


Lindsay Lohan is doing hard time, including lockdowns and solitary confinement. Lindsay Lohan is the latest celebrity to find herself so far on the wrong side of the law that she ends up in jail.


Lindsay(as well as Amanda Bynes) really need to have their personal assistants drive them...everywhere! They are making LA roads a very dangerous place to be. I'd really like the police to pull Lindsay's cell phone records to see if she was texting or chatting on the phone while her brakes "malfunctioned". Wouldn't surprise me in the least...


So, her brakes worked from the time she left the rental agency until the moment she really needed them, right?
That's almost as funny waiting over twenty-four hours to mention this supposed brake failure instead of saying it right away, almost as funny as the police saying they weren't even sure who was driving, almost as funny as the last-minute claim that the paparazzi were following her.
What next, the sun was glaring off the truck's bumper momentarily blinding her?


Hopefully her movie stint will playing Elizabeth Taylor will ignite her career and she'll obtain more movie offers...and just hire a chauffeur? Sounds like a winning idea to me.


All I can say is OMG,please someone tell her to zip it!!


Of course breaks fail but only when you don't use them.


One more thing, the sun was glaring off the truck's rear bumper right in her eyes! She forget to mention it but she'll do so tomorrow when she thinks of it.


Why the hell would her people let her drive seriously. All that money and they can't hire a fucking driver??!!


How come they don.t say what her blood tested at? Oh well with her tey would cover it up. This girl thinks she is the Queen of all.


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