Happy Birthday, Shia LaBeouf!

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Shia LaBeouf turns 26 years old today, but let's hope the actor doesn't celebrate with a lot of drinking. The guy isn't exactly known for holding his alcohol well.

Instead, the star is has sky-rocketed the approximately the B-list by anchoring a trio of Transformers films, though he's on record as saying he's done with the Michael Bay-directed franchise.

LaBeouf will next be seen in Lawless, which hits theaters on August 31.

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But LaBeouf will forever be remembered not for any Academy Award-winning roles, but for the admission he made approximately one year ago: this lucky douchebag totally had sex with Megan Fox. Damn him.

So send your best birthday wishes or your most bitter rants to LaBeouf now and also take note of other stars celebrating the anniversaries of their birth:

Joshua Jackson (34), Hugh Laurie (53), Joe Montana (56) and Jacques Cousteau (posthumous).


Oh my god! he's now 26 years old.


Oh my god he's turning 27 in 2013 or this year in June 11.


Okay my Bad I'm crazy lol. The comment below was suppose to post for the teen mom gary and amber page lmao. Boo me


I know he did wrong ,but leave him a alone. You would hate if you made a a mistake or did something wrong if they put out all these rude comments out concering you. Whats done is done you can't change the past they were on a break so all those articles were pretty much pointless. I agree Shia should probably keep his mouth closed,but if Meagan really feels bad she would of told him a long time ago. The secret was bound to get out sooner or later . Dosen't every secret come out in HOLLYWOOD


And he's supposedly a Celebraty why?!? He slept with some actress?? Who cares?? Other than whomever is sleeping with her now (get an HIV Test dude!!) I doubt many people really care. Honestly, you know?!?


hey shai happy birthdae. many more years to come hope u don't drink too much. enjoy soon u are reaching u thirties


He was totally cuter when he was younger.
I looks like a hairy bear.


Happy Birthday Shia!!

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