Erin Moran, Happy Days Star, Now Living in Trailer

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Happy Days star Erin Moran does not appear to be too happy these days.

According to the National Enquirer, Moran was evicted from her California home, forcing her to move into a trailer park in New Salisbury, Indiana.

In 2008, Moran, who played Joanie Cunningham, appeared on Celebrity Fit Club, but has landed few solid gigs since her Happy Days heyday.

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In 1982, the now 51-year-old actress earned a Happy Days spinoff, Joanie Loves Chachi, followed by roles in The Love Boat and Murder, She Wrote.

Moran is currently sharing her new, downsized living quarters with her husband, Steve Fleischmann, and his mother, according to reports.

Things may turn around for her soon, however.

A judge recently ruled that Erin Moran and her Happy Days co-stars may in fact seek back royalties from DVD sales of the show in court.

CBS and Paramount Pictures originally tried to dismiss their claims, saying that all of the actors had previously been paid what they were owed.

The group's unpaid royalties are worth roughly $250,000-500,000.



I saw her on MURDER SHE WROTE and she was great. She deserved a wonderful career. Does anyone know why did not get one????


I know Erin, personally. I know everything about her. I know where she is, what she's doing every minute of every day, I know what her husband is doing and his whereabouts as well. Like myself Erin is a free spirit and is very happy. It makes no difference where she's living, whether or not she has money, whether or not her husband works...all irrelevent. I recently spent nearly a month and a half chatting and hanging out with Erin, and, at times her husband as well. In fact our birthdays are 1 day apart and we are the same age. We plan to celebrate, together, the big 52. I am her confidant, her best friend and most importantly I believe in her.


very nic pic


I feel for Erin, sometimes thing just don't work out like you expected. It Seems to me That Ron Howard would have stepped in helped her out with some jobs. His little brother is a terrible actor but seems to find parts for him all the time. Just my thoughts, they worked together for so long.


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Stars fall just like the rest of us do.............sad tho,whats even sadder is that we are interested and commentin on it.


Hell, JayBird..Erin's thinner than i am....And Geronimo, I love you!!! Anyway, Dancing With the Stars is where they go to get fit..Marie Osmond...others. Heck, maybe she'll get to be a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers and some of those other crap programs.


She's smiling! How could she not look happy?? Are you people saying if you live in a trailer you can't be happy??!! Also, how could you say she looks awful..Hollywood is artificial..Erin is a real woman struggling to make it. I say put her on Dancing With the Stars!! She deserves to make a few $$'s!! Start a letter campaign to Dancing With the Stars 7800 Blvd. L.A., California 90036.


Mary, he's trying to get a job at Walmart..they live in Indiana in a trailer....i would love to see a picture of her hubby!!


...Beauty birthday You,Lady...