Emily Maynard: Choosing Fame Over Daughter Ricki?

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The Bachelorette Emily Maynard star may be on her way to a happy ever after, but at the cost of her daughter ... according to a ridiculous new tabloid report.

Alleged insiders reveal her bitter fight with the parents of her late fiance (and daughter Ricki’s father) Ricky Hendrick. Which we've all heard about by now.

“They were beside themselves when they found out she wanted to put little Ricki on TV,” an insider tells In Touch of the couple and their views on Emily.

“They think it’s outrageous to put [Ricki] in the middle of a media circus.”

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While a friend of Emily’s says reports of a rift are untrue, other sources close to the reality star say The Bachelorette has “really strained their relationship.”

Sources say Rick and Linda Hendrick tried to accept Emily’s choice to compete for Brad Womack’s affections on The Bachelor, but were opposed to this.

Maybe so, but the bottom line is that there is no either/or situation of "choosing fame over her daughter" and that Emily is hardly an absentee mom.

Ricki has been seen on every episode this season but one, yet has yet to meet any of the guys; Ricky's parents and Emily's parents both care for her.

If she wants to try the ABC reality franchise a second time in search of true love - see The Bachelorette spoilers for clues on how that goes - so what?

Obviously she's a devoted and loving mom ... give Emily Maynard a break.


Following this story I can't help but notice that since the finale, Emily has spent little time with her daughter. Labor day weekend she was in SLC and today is Wed and she's in NY? Think the fame has gotten to her.


I believe that those are some of the nastiest things that anyone could say but everyone has their own opinion. I love Emily maynard . It's her life and she can live it how she sees fit. We the people were not put here to judge . Last I heard the good lord upstairs will do the judgement on judgement day. You keep on keeping on Emily cause you are beautiful and intelligent.


Emily is a piece of work, no doubt, she even had the hots for the shows host, whose wife dumped him when she found out Emily was going to b e on the show.


Emily is a great mom and she is devoted to Ricki.


what a mental basket case. she doesnt love these men and shes a fool if she thinks these men love her ..what a big joke. chris b claimed he loved her. im sure he forgot all about her as he is on the bachelor pad this season kissing other girls. these woman is the fakest woman i have ever seen. black roots popping out of her head; if she keeps dying her hair so much, she will go bald. no joke. and so much makeup. men ike natural looking woman. emily is beginning to look like a transvestite if she keeps up with the surgeries.


She was dating the heir apparent to the HENDRICK MOTORSPORTS empire, and was close to marriage apparently until that terrible day at Martinsville. The young lady would have had many rich suitors simply being Rick Hendrick's adopted daughter.


why does she need to go on tv to find a bloke? she will never find a guy that is both ready for her and her daughter in just 6 weeks. These things take time. Neither of the blokes are ready to commit to a woman that has a child. They are only interested in money and fame - all with specific agendas which probably does not involve becoming a father/guardian in process. Are there not any guys around her town that she could have met instead of coming on tv? I find that this woman is a gold digger and is potentially trying to secure herself a rich life and a career on tv as the motivation behind coming on show for second time. It seems a bit tacky especially when she is being irresponsible in involving her daughter in process. 25 men vying for her mothers attention - when she grows up and looks back it is bound to make her feel disgusted.


Tim, I'm a nice Republican woman. There are still some of us around and I've been married a total of 52 years, (yeah I'm old). I'm also loyal, loving, polite, fun, love nature, zip-lining in Alaska, fishing, baseball, I volunteer, knit and crochet for Project Linus, follow NASCAR Sprint races and am waiting for the Olympics while watching the trials each evening as I am also patriotic and love to see our flag fly. I have three terrific kids and have three super grandkids; two college graduates and the last one college bound in August. I come from a different generation, obviously. Too bad things aren't like they were when I grew up, in a much simpler, and safer world. But believe me, we are out here no matter our age.


another high paid tramp, looking for fame


"White woman being fame whores?" Wow...... that is ridiculous to say that because its not true for everyone especially not Emily. I watched Brad's season and I am watching Emily's season and she is doing this for Ricki. She wants Ricki to have a father figure in her life, and for her to be able to have like she said "a best friend again," everyone wants someone they can spend there life with and she also wants more kids. You can see that Emily is a great mom if you watch the show. and to slesly no she is not on set while everything is being filmed. Ricki has not even seen any of the guys, when Ricki is on television its just like a daughter vacationing with her mother.
--- Allison,

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