Dr. Conrad Murray Complains of Wasting Away in Jail

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Dr. Conrad Murray is pleading with a judge to let him out of jail because it's been taking an extreme physical toll on his body and he will die behind bars.

This guy and Floyd Mayweather should form a support group.

Murray's not asking for house arrest, Mayweather style, but ironically is asking to be sent to a state prison, where he believes he'll get better care.

Okay ... this guy and Amber Portwood should form a group.

Dr. Conrad Murray Mug Shot

Murray's lawyer tells TMZ he wants to serve his time in the big house because in county jail, he's being treated like the absolute scum of the Earth.

Getting fresh air monthly, fresh underwear weekly, etc.

As a result of the alleged deprivation, Murray's health is failing, he says; he notably receives no medical attention for acute, persistent headaches.

Murray told his attorney, "I may not make it out of here alive. This is a very dangerous place. I'm in here dying. The system is intent on killing me."

The L.A. County Sheriff's Deptartment had no comment. Murray got four years in jail for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

Dr. Conrad Murray in jail: A fair sentence?


Why he is late to die I hate u Murray I wish to kill u right now


Wow he better dying slowly he killed michael thats is his punishment


This guys a doctor, not a worthless junkie. MJ did it to himself, this guy shouldn't have been jailed.


Who gives a rats ass?? He NEVER thought he'd get convicted. Well....surprise Murray! MJ paid you the big bucks, you knew propofol is used in a hospital setting, but you thought that didn't apply to you, huh? Oh well.....sucks to be you now!


Tooo bad maybe u should not KILL MJ have fun in jail