Floyd Mayweather Whines About Wasting Away in Jail

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. says jail is killing his boxing career ... after just 12 days. The poor woman-beater can't get the training or caloric intake he needs!

Mayweather says in legal papers - in which he begs a judge to release him from jail into house arrest - that he needs to get out or he'll lose everything.

Floyd must serve only 78 more days in lockup, mind you.

He says he spends 23 hours a day in isolation for his own safety, but he claims that it's taking a "cruel and inhuman" toll on his physique ... seriously.

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In the papers, Floyd, 35, estimates his career only has a few years ... his days of making excuses for not fighting Manny Pacquiao are dwindling!

Floyd's doctor told the court he's concerned about Floyd's diet - down from 3,000-4,000 calories a day to 800, supposedly - and lack of exercise.

Floyd says his doctor also "expressed deep concern for [Floyd's] health," predicting likely "irreversible damage to Mr. Mayweather's physique."

Mayweather claims doctors are deeply concerned about his "dehydrated appearance, his lack of muscle tone and his dry mucus membranes."

If only Floyd were concerned about the appearance of Josie Harris' face, he might not be in this position. Wrap your membrane around that.


Well to my understand in life, every good,bad and evil thing has a price to pay. Firstly for his jail term, that should be accurate like every individaul that service;that mean let him service his term complete. Secondly this will service a lesson to every powerful,welknowed and high connectted personality that America is a free land of hope,achives and telorant to all nations but mean to our country that united state of america keeps to their rules,laws and contitutions;that is each and every american proud today, God bless all;God bless the united states of Ameria. Thank you.


I don't think what mayweathet did was right but people do worse things I don't think that was the first time he beat her ass and how wouled you like paying for a house you paid for and she brings other men in there pay for your own house and bring all the men you want


I hope he loses more than muscle mass in jail, only scum beats a woman and he deserves much worse treatment, get over yourself mayweather you aren't that important....


Only in America do we hear such foolishness about his concerns. If he eats 800 calories a day he is eatin plenty. How about people who are sick with cancer and can't keep down anything. Before u commit a crime think about the consequences and if u didn't then pay for it. How much is he paying this stupid DR for saying such foolishness?


Man up Mayweather. Have some self-respect. Of course, nobody wants to be locked up - you ain't special on that. Dont do the crime if you caint do the time. Dont know you but Im a fight fan and love your image - stop acting up. I thought you were rock hard. Its not pretty, pretty boy.


You do the crime, you do the time buddy! If you ask me, 90 days isn't NEARLY enough time for repeatedly punching your ex in the face. And I'm sure he's getting more than 800 calories per day. And if he's not? Boo hoo! Cry me a river...


poor little woman beater if he is so tough ask to be in general population and he could take other guys food and workout the little coward would be shiting his pants on the yard.

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