Dottie Sandusky Testifies at Husband's Child Sex Abuse Trial

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Dottie Sandusky, whose disgraced husband Jerry Sandusky is accused of 52 felony counts of child sex abuse, took the stand in his trial Tuesday afternoon.

Dottie Sandusky has stood by her husband, posting his bail, accompanying him to court and issuing a statement last year that proclaimed his innocence.

Whether her remarks will change the direction of the case is an open question, but her testimony, at least early on, focused on how she and Jerry met.

One witness has testified that he was attacked the Sanduskys' basement and tried to cry out for help when Dottie was upstairs, only to be ignored.

Dottie, who is not charged with any crimes, says all the accusers are lying.

Also Tuesday, Sandusky's attorney closely questioned two Pennsylvania state police investigators about whether they coached Jerry Sandusky accusers.

One of the troopers, Cpl. Joseph Leiter, now retired, acknowledged to lawyer Joe Amendola that he told at least one alleged victim of the former Penn State coach that they "wouldn't be alone" if they came forward because "there were others."

Sandusky is accused of molesting 10 children over a 15-year period.

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Sarge (Dottie) would molest these young boys after Jerry was done with them. The kid would be tied down and Sarge would strip down and sit on his face making him eat her dry, wretched pussy. If the poor boy refused, Jerry and Dot would torture him with electric cattle prods.


I am truly appalled at the level of ignorance in many of your comments on this blog. I will attribute it to the possibility of immaturity, stupidity or plain lack of common sense. I am particula


This entire story from the school cover up and the wifes knowledge from all these years is horrible. the real concern is all of the innocent abused children. Penn State showed them no concern the entire school needs to be investigated.


the sanduskys are the scape goats. they helped troubled kids and now their troubled family and friends have banned together to get money and fame. this is why no one wants to help anyone anymore. sandusky is innocent.


You would have to be a complete idiot to think that Dottie didn't know. She knew from day one. She was another "front" for him. Thats why he's kept her around for 46 years.


I feel sorry for her, she probably had no clue. Who would ever think that their husband would do such a thing?


WTF DO ANY OF YOUR WALKING TURDS KNOW? You don't know shit. You act as if you were there! I hope the shit your ass rots in hell.


Sandusky is innocent! This is just racism directed against the white man!


I can only hope Jerry and Dottie rest in HELL!!!!


I can only hope Jerry and Dottie rest in HELL!!!!