Jerry Sandusky Accuser Describes Oral Sex Acts in Graphic Testimony at Trial

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The first victim in the Jerry Sandusky child sexual molestation trial was gasping for breath as he detailed repeated acts of oral sex with the disgraced former Penn State University football team's defensive coordinator today.

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    Shame on Sandusky . . . but shame on his wife as well. She had to know SOMETHING inappropriate was going on and should have investiagated and done what was necessary to ensure the safety of those young boys! He was doing these horrible acts in his HOME! And even to his own SON!! Sandusky needs to spend the rest of his life in prison - where he won't be lacking in any shower buddies - but his wife also needs to take responsibility! She should go to jail as well! My heart bleeds for those young men and their families! I hope in time they will be able to heal from this!


    The wife threw those little boys to the wolf to keep him out of her bed. As long as she was not obligated to satisfy his sexual needs, she closed her eyes and ears. I'm sure she has seen some kind of child porn in magazines or internet in the last 45 years.

    I doubt they will go after her without proof. However, they should revoke his pension so she is not living her dream....she got rid of him and kept his money....all without a nasty divorce.


    Disgusting! That sick bastard should be hogtied in a prison cell and repeatedly butt raped by inmates until he is dead. Same thing for his bitch f*&@ing wife IF she really knew what he was doing! I almost think she is worse than he is for allowing it. I hope they both rot in Hell.


    NASTY-A** motr- fucr !!!
    BUT "SHE SAW IT" !

    Avatar'm speechless. I is it that all those boys in the basement in N out....but his wife had no idea??? I hold my tounge on a lot of things....but on this I say Kill That Muthafucka!!! He likes dick....then he should have the fattest dildo ever made SHOVED up his ass til he bleeds to death!!! No child should ever have to go thru something like that....EVER!!!


    That's horrifying. The fact that he had a waterbed in the basement is horrifying. Honestly, there is no way all this went on with so many kids for so long without Sandusky's wife not knowing what was going on down there. They both should go to jail. The emotional and physical abuse these poor kids endured and will never get over...truly heartbreaking.


    @Jon: I agree 100%!! This is absolutely horrifying. Sandusky should be hanged by his nuts in the middle of the desert Sick bastard.


    Castrate child molesters and rapists! Some men do not deserve to be men.

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