Billy the Exterminator Arrested For Drug Possession

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William "Billy" Bretherton, star of the A&E reality TV show Billy the Exterminator, was arrested in Louisiana for drug possession, according to reports.

Police issued a warrant last week for Bretherton and his wife.

His drug of choice was bath salts. Just kidding, but not too far off. Bossier City spokesman Mark Natale says authorities found items that tested positive for a "designer" or synthetic type of marijuana, plus "a device commonly used to smoke narcotics."

You'll have to use your imagination on that one.

Billy the Exterminator Pic

Another interesting note in the case: Natale said police were called on April 28 to a Bossier City hotel following a 911 hang-up call from that room.

A great way to get arrested: Start to call 911 on yourself while in the midst of some illegal activity, then sketchily hang up. It works almost every time.

The reality show star and his wife surrendered to the police on Friday and were eventually released later that day after posting a $6,000 bond each.

A&E reps were not available for comment.




Fake Pot ? Sounds like the cops need some of Billy's money for the fine to me.


I would apselutly LOVE to meet him I LOVE him and his show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just found out that they had a "special episode" that just happened to be on my birthday PLus did I minchun I love him?


Oh my god I love him and this show He is amazing!


O-M-Goodness; Billy the examiner was caught with SYNTHETIC POT?? I'm shocked that anyone is malingers a big deal out of it. I'm impressed it wasn't something worse. A & E get over it and put the Billy, Ma, pa and brother back on. The show will be more popular now then ever. Its not like some of the stars going to jail for 5 minutes, after being busted for. DUI's, and heavy drugs. Not Fake Pot. No one seer's pot as bad anymore. Everyone I talk to want Billy and his famliy back on.


This is a misdemeanor in LA with only a $500 fine, unless he was in possession of more than 28 Grams pursuant to La. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 40:966. Now as a defense attorney, from what I know, I would walk him in a second. Only one witness to anything, his wife, and the Fifth Amendment being what it is, can we say DISMISSED! Stop jumping to conclusions, first off, who called 911 from his room? Second, who gave them permission to enter his room, and third who gave them permission to search? The prosecutor needs to be fired, what a waste of judicial time. Finally, synthetic marijuana is what is commonly known as SPICE and sold at gas stations and head shops as incense. High school kids smoke this stuff and the FDA just added it temporarily to the Schedule I list after the military had a big scare with it about two years ago. This is crap, go after someone worth going after.


Hey maybe him or his wife has glucoma


"Synthetic" marijuana? That's a "drug?" Give me a fucking break. How ridiculous to arrest someone and make such a big deal over NOTHING.


explains sooooooo much!!!!