Ann Curry: On The Way Out of Today?

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It's looking more and more likely as if Ann Curry is on her way out of Today.

According to The New York Times, the co-host - who took over for Meredith Viera about a year ago - would essentially be the scapegoat for the long-running NBC program, which was topped in the ratings by ABC's Good Morning America for the first time in years this spring.

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It's unclear if Curry would be removed completely from the show or moved to a different role, but newspaper sources say discussions are ongoing and a decision is expected to be reached prior to NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics in late July.

If the ax does come down on Curry, Savannah Guthrie is expected to replace her.

Matt Lauer, meanwhile, recently renewed his contract and won't be going anywhere for awhile.


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I agree with most of the comments above. Ann will be missed. Ann can't be the only reason for lower rating. Matt also plays a part in that. Matt seem like a real pain in the ????? to work with. I think Matt needs to take a good hard look in the mirror. We are all just people trying to get by in this difficult world. I really wish somehow they could bring Meredith back. I'm sure Matt would have a fit about that. I think that says it all.


I agree with most here that Matt is a real turn off. I can't believe he was just signed up again. As for Ann, she was always a breath of fresh air. I still can't believe she is being booted off. Shame on the idiots that would keep Lauer on instead of Ann.


This is a big mistake. Ann is the most valuable person on the morning news. She cares about what goes on in the world. She is very compassionate, kind and has empathy for her guests. This is so very rediculous. I have watched Today for 25 or more years. I will no longer be watching the Today Show, because of them letting her go. What a foolish decision. Susan


I love Ann, it is not her that NBC needs to fire it is Matt!!!!!


i stopped watching years ago -- more time is spent telling what is coming NEXT than in the actual segment they describe!


Ann curry is ok but why does she always touch people she interviews, a bit false and creepy


What is with the racism on here! This is not the place for that! And cut the vile language too! This is all about Ann! I would hate to see Ann go completely off the show. I find her very sweet, but sometimes she goes into peoples faces so close and talks so low, I can't stand that. She gets a little to overly sweet sometimes, it becomes uncomfortable. Her clothes lately look like childrens clothes made in adult sizes. She needs to get rid of the rain boots! Sorry Ann! I always loved you! And for Matt Lauer, get rid of those skinny legged pants. Your legs are to skinny for them. Sorry Matt! It's the truth!


To quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!


Ann always appeared to be very upbeat and gracious to her guests. She is too kind to work with someone as mean as Matt Lauer. I will not watch this show any longer. I wish Ann the best!


I have always watched the Today Show. I wasn't aware that Ann is bias. That I don't like but, I do adore Ann. I can't stand Matt!!!
He thinks he's "all that" He is actually, ugly, skinny & a male
chauvinist pig. He throws his skinny weight around & it shows loud
& clear. If he left, the ratings would probable go up!!! It has been said that he is awful to work for. Ann, keep your head held high & remember you are far better than him! If you leave, I will no longer watch the show. I can't stand looking at him anyhow!!!
I "LOVE" everyone else. I'm praying for you Ann. God's blessings to "ALL" on the show except HIM!!!

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