Amber Portwood Struggling to Maintain Relationship With Daughter in Prison

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She may be behind bars, but Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is willing to do whatever it takes to maintain a relationship with her 3-year-old daughter, Leah.

Or at least she was, before she chose prison over her child.

It's this sad turn of events that makes the final season of Teen Mom so gut wrenching. On tonight's episode, her time in rehab in Malibu, Calif., is chronicled.

Gary Shirley's ex-fiancee receives a visit from Leah and her father, but their reunion doesn't exactly go off without a hitch, thanks in part to a court order.

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The Aeropostale-shirt-wearing Gary was shocked to find out that he's barred, legally, from being in the same room with his ex and daughter simultaneously.

"I brought Leah with me but I guess we can't be together," he says, and after an embrace, the couple part ways so Amber Portwood can visit with Leah.

"This is where Mommy's been living for a while," Portwood tells her.

Despite her recent legal troubles, Portwood has vowed to keep up her relationship with Shirley and their little girl as much as possible while behind bars.

Good luck with that, given your five-year sentence. Hopefully Jenelle Evans and Gary Head take note, because they're heading down the same road.


'Farrah' & 'Amber' need to go to Maci's house for a 5-year seminar on how to be a young mother AND approach your future with resolve & purpose, not beg every man to be your husband on the 1st date & take more pills than Betty Ford pre-rehab. All of you pregnant young ladies, learn from these two girls on exactly what NOT to do when you have children. Oh and I almost forgot, where in God's good name do these kids get the money for fake breasts & new homes, when the unemployment rate is higher now than it was in the Great Depression?


@Liddy Amber chose jail over rehab....SHE is messed up. Being a Mom revokes her choice to self destuct. Hiw could a mother choose jail for 5 years aver their child? Maybe the few years Leah is away from her mother will be goid for her. She will have sime semblance of stability and normality. Whatever respect Amber earned has been lost, and then some,


Why does Amber look higher in rehab then she did at home?Her eyes r swollen shut & she talks sooo slow like she's on heroin!?


I don't think she deserves to be in jail, the justice system is so effed up.


well I hear Rockville womans correctional facility is a nice place. Its only 30 miles away, may have to go smack her!

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