Alex Cross Trailer: Matthew Fox vs. Tyler Perry!

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Matthew Fox, whose apparent mean streak has been well-documented of late, transforms into a serial killing cage fighter in the trailer for Alex Cross.

The 45-year-old actor radically transforms his body into 100 percent muscle for the film, in which his character goes up against ... Tyler Perry.

Yup, the actor-director plays the titular hero, based on author James Patterson's famed detective and played by Morgan Freeman in Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider.

Big shoes to fill for Perry. Check out the trailer:

­The thriller, directed by The Fast and the Furious' Rob Cohen, finds Cross investigating murders committed by ex-military hitman, Matthew "The Butcher" Sullivan (Fox).

Sullivan eventually targets Alex's wife, obviously.


Sorry but Hugh Jackman and Robert Downy Jr. would not be right to portray Alex Cross as he is a black man. The trailer looks like Tyler has really risen to the challenge,


tyler perry is not the best choice hugh jackman or robert downy jr or ian somerhalder would have done a better job i think idk he might pull it off i havent see a movie with him where he is serouis