The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Hating on Lisa Vanderpump!

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Lisa Vanderpump has been granted her own spin-off, some nonsense title "Sur" that will focus on a new restaurant she owns in Los Angeles.

And, as a result, the reality star totally sucks now, her co-stars reportedly claim.

"There are a lot of bad feelings because Lisa got her own show and Taylor for one thinks that Lisa has been acting like a diva during filming [of season three]," a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills source tells Radar Online. "Taylor and Lisa had gotten close after Russell's suicide last year, but Taylor now feels like that was all done for the cameras."

Which would mark the first time in Real Housewives history that cameras played a role in a series relationship.

Lisa Vanderpump Red Carpet Pic

This same insider reports that all cast members are "jealous" of the attention being paid these days to Lisa, with the exception of Brandi Glanville, likely because she just wants to appear on Sur.

In even more traumatic Real Housewives of Beverly Hills news, did you hear who will be making appearances on season three after all?

Oh, yes, we have not seen the last of Camille Grammer!



Lisa is such a mega bitch, it's hilarious how Americans adore her because of her UK wit. Don't ever disagree with her about anything London on Twitter because she'll just Direct Message you (to hide how nasty she is and no one else can read a private DM) and tell you to "go get more friends." I guess that my number of followers on Twitter is laughable to her and so she can be nastier than a high school cheerleader on her period on prom night.

@ Teresas+Forehead

I could not agree with you more. She is sneaky and conniving. Plays everyone. LOL @ you outing her for her true nastiness. She hides who she is. She is just as catty, manipulative, and two-faced as the rest!


I wish Camille would just evaporate. She is delusional - always complaining about how tough her life is. Puhleese.


Lisa is essential to the appeal of the show. Taylor is horrid and should be released to the pile of women who married for money and lost the bet. Kyle is ridiculous and is a loose canon attention hog that was a nobody who got a taste of the limelight. One thing that crazy psychic got right, Mauricio is probably tagging someone else on the side. Team Lisa.


I talked got to talk to Lisa today!!i was cleaning her pool and answering her questions about why pools get cloudy after you first plaster them haha,.its intimidating being in her presence


I love Lisa.. Taylor is a gold digging psycho. What she wants to do is blame others for HER screw-ups, and she is joined at the hip for pathetic pathos.. Ugh. Kyle is a classic control freak and wouldn't like anything she can't control. Adrienne has some sass, but she needs to be Número Uno! She treats her husband like a dirty monkey that has stayed too long. Glanville is just an emotional pimple picker. She either gets the head out or she makes a bloody mess and scars. Camille? Please... No! No!


Taylor is so insignificant, she's really not even worth mentioning. I do feel like the girls(especially Adrienne and Kyle) are jealous of Lisa's popularity and success that has come to her since the show. That was obvious when they all attacked her for no reason on last season's reunion. I'm looking forward to Lisa's new show!


Once again, Taylor wants the camera & focus on her. So who does she pick on? Lisa of course ! She Is the most popular of the bunch. Taylor hijacked the show last season and she wants to do it again. This woman is shamless. She should crawl under the rock she came from and go away ...forever. She adds nothing to this show.


The rest of the cast can just eat it. And what's with Taylor? She was the most attention hogging witch last season with her histronics, outbursts and attacks! Lisa deserves her own show and the rest can just eat their words. Lisa doesn't give a rip about any of them anyway.

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