Pusha T Slams Drake in "Exodus 23:1", Lil Wayne Responds in Intense Rap Beef

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A new Pusha T song, "Exodus 23:1," is the cause of a budding hip hop feud between the artist and Lil Wayne's Young Money crew, including Drake.

In the song, Pusha T does not name either Drake or his YM boss Weezy, but it's apparently obvious to peeps who listen to this stuff what he's referring to.

As a result, Wayne fired back at Pusha T and his supporters via Twitter: "Fuk pusha t and anybody that love em," he wrote on the social media site.

On "Exodus 23:1," Pusha raps:

Little Wayne
Pusha T Photo

"Contract all fucked up / I guess that means you all f--ked up / You signed to one n----, that's signed to another n----, that's signed to three n----s."

"Now that's bad luck / Damn that sh-t even the odds now / You better off selling this hard now / You call it living out your dreams / You can't fly without your wings."

What that means, we have no f--king idea, but it sounds hardcore, based on all the profanity, and Lil Wayne is clearly far from pleased about it.

Stay tuned. More angry Tweets are sure to come.

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Yall need to stick to what yall know.....Thts not even Pusha T in that pic and Im pretty sure yall no nothing about hip hop


yea that is future not pusha t get it right


That's not Push. That's Future, isn't it? The 'Tony montana' guy. Y'all must've just grabbed the first google pic u saw. That's raggedy pimpin', pimpin'.


@big momma Umm it's called google you moron. When you type in a search it brings up the most recent posts about what you are searching for. I took the time to read this because it came up on google when I searched for "Pusha T Lil Wayne diss." Now since you obviously think you are somewhat smart and can speak with some form of intelligence, my question is, since you don't understand "street slang" (yet you dont even know to capitalize the first word of a sentence) why are YOU taking the time to read this article? Hmm? Don't worry, I'll wait.


her name shud be jail britney not free britney


This website is crazy I hope y'all are being funny lol cuz y'all know thats Future and is not pusha y'all must be Wayne fanatics


@Michael A...Well said,but he's telling the truth I'm from N.O. and everyone knows that Baby & Slim were getting over on Wayne before they signed with the big label. He only started to see money when Universal stepped it. And now he's doing it to his ym artist. These guys are so excited to get signed and they get them hook line & sinker with the sign on bonus that they don't have an attorney to help them read the contract...Umm,just ask Young Buck,Smh!!!


That pic on the right is not Pusha T. Fix it already! It just makes the site look bad.


yup.yup...Drakes a bitch hommie...lil Waynes flows are the shit sometimes BUT he can never be EM....N Drake....well he thinks hes the shit cus hes signed on to YM but he must like to get hit up from the back....LOL....Drake even sounds like lil Wayne.....its like he doesnt wanna try N be himself....sum people have to live vicariously thru others to have a good life....but it makes for sum funny ass shit!!!


lol...wow didnt realize i would hit a soft spot with my comment...anyone that listens to rap should recognize for the most part they use street talk...i never said there is a prob with it..but its surely its the proper way we are tought to speak...so not everyone does understand it