Miranda Lambert Makes Up with Ashton Kutcher

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Miranda Lambert didn't exactly love Ashton Kutcher's get-up at this year's Academy of Country Music Awards.

Was Ashton Kutcher making fun of country or is it just me? Watching it back now and I'm kinda wondering? the beloved country star asked about Kutcher presenting an award at the event, while donning a giant cowboy hat and belt buckle.

But whatever tension may have existed between the stars is now gone, as Lambert Tweeted the following photo of herself and the Two and a Half Men star at a pre-Kentucky Derby charity event Saturday night:

Miranda Lambert and Ashton Kutcher

"Here it is y'all. He is sweet and lives country music! For real!" Miranda wrote along with the image.

It's nice to see this pair getting along. As for Lambert and Chris Brown? We probably shouldn't hold our breath for a similar type of detente.


OMG Ashton is an idiot. Just goes to show that anyone could be famous. Don't think his IQ is above 20. But loved that bulge on old SNL. Can't help but think that was Demi's inspiration to ever have anything to do with him.


Not a fan of Miranda here. Perhaps because her husband was already married when they hooked up. Or maybe because her arms are so big. She seems hefty and that is okay. But she tries to squeeze into teeny tiny clothing. She should just wear smocks or something. I'm not being mean. I just think she is delusional in the clothing she tries to slam her body into.


... And you know this by all that time you've spent with Ashton, right? I'm a fan of both. Great picture of them together.


As usual Miranda wants some more attention. She should have known from the start what a great individual Ashton Kutcher is. She is an idiot.

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