Country Stars Slam Ashton Kutcher: What a Douche!

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Note to future celebrities asked to present at an awards ceremony: do not make fun of the stars and the industry honored at said ceremony.

This may seem like common sense to most, but not to someone who needs to hire a management team to oversee his Tweets. Yes, we're looking at you, Ashton Kutcher.

Ashton Kutcher at the ACMs

For some reason, the actor took to the stage at Sunday's Academy of Country Music Awards and handed out the Female Vocalist of the Year trophy to Miranda Lambert… while donning an oversized cowboy hat and painfully singing a few bars of George Strait's "I Cross My Heart."

"Was Ashton Kutcher making fun of country or is it just me? Watching it back now and I'm kinda wondering?" Lambert Tweeted last night in response to Kutcher's shenanigans, while singer Justin Moore didn't have to wonder:

"Seen Ashton kutcher at the acms tonight. What a douche! I don't care for people making a mockery of the way country artists' dress."

Sources also tell Us Weekly that Kutcher was rude backstage and at the afterparty, continuing to wear his silly garb and wandering around with a "with a massive posse." Clearly, no one in that posse has actually watched Two and a Half Men.


The guy's name is Ashton, he's a born douche-bag, it just comes naturally to him, in his mind he thought he looked the part, thats how lame he is. Consider that no matter what he might have worn he would have looked like he was mocking country music, why? Derr, its f*cking Ashton Kutcher! Wtf does he have to do with country music or music in general? You got him faking from the get-go, the real douche-bag move was bringing him on in the first place but hey its country music so what do you expect, morons smh... Next year get Justin Bieber or Kanye, maybe Paris Hilton or one of the Kardashians. Im sure all the respectable artists look forward to receiving awards validating their life's work from random d-bags who are famous for being vacant tools. Silly hillbillies. You know damn well why you invited him. You did it to yourselves.


he should make fun of country and if they can't take it then they need to take themselves a little less seriously. It's a genre that is hard to take serious. Country has some good artists but come on it's not to make fun of country


Are you kidding who cares, Ashton cant act to save his life. Im sorry but he is a c grade actor. I mean all the movies he did sucked and where with no namers.


He has no affiliation with country music, why would they even ask him to come in the first place??


So what WHO cares

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