Megan Fox Ends Entertainment Tonight Interview Over Pregnancy Question

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Steve Jones was fired from The X Factor because viewers did not like the host very much.

Based on his annoying persona below, we can understand why.

Now a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight, the Brit explains in this video that he was asked ahead of time to not ask any personal questions of Megan Fox during an interview meant to be based on her new Sharper Image campaign. So what did that genius, snarky journalist go ahead and do?

Skirt around the pregnancy issue by making up some nonsense about men wanting babies as a "gadget." Watch Fox do her best to handle the disrespect and blatant breaking of the rules below, prior to her publicist ending the interview early:


Pregnancy or no pregnancy, Megan Fox is STILL the same stuck-up, controlling and prima donna BITCH she has always been. I hear that on movie sets she treats crew members and (especially) directors like DIRT!!!!! I feel so sorry for Brian Austin Green (Megan's husband). Most of all, I think that motherhood is gonna turn Megan into an EVEN BIGGER DIVA!!!!! YIKES!!!!! Anyway, until next time...PEACE!!!!!!!


Meh..her thumbs look like toes (it's true, google image search) lol. Other than that weirdness, everything's good... :)


@Blaize HA!!!


I just realized that that came out wrong and creepy, LOL.


She is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. It's no surprise that my little brother has been lusting after her since 2007. I try to look like her.


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