Kate Gosselin: I've Made Peace With Jon!

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Are the years of public feuding between Jon and Kate Gosselin finally a thing of the past? She certainly hinted as much on the Today show yesterday.

Kate, who's still being stalked by some freak, told Ann Curry that she and her ex have made peace and are working together to raise their children.

"I can honestly say it's more peaceful than it's ever been," said the 37-year-old. "I feel that a really big weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

Despite all the bad blood - just last month, she hammered Jon for flaking on child support - Kate had nothing but praise for him this time around.

"He's really been positive and more available and it's just less stressful. I feel like he's been working with me more, and the kids notice," she said.

"And that's good. Because I've always just wanted that peace, not just for me, but for them and we're finally to a point where it's happening.”

To think, all the time and energy that Kate spent dragging Jon's name through the mud on TV and Twitter can now be saved for her huge brood.

“I can take that emotional energy that was so wasted in that area and put it back towards the kids and taking care of them," she told Curry.

A novel concept. Let's just hope it lasts more than a week.


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Kate you're are a R N Go to work in a hospital where you are really needed Forget TV those days are over. I'm a nurse & worked for years plus raising kids


I love kate plus 8... I've been watching the show since it came out... she is a very strong and wonderful mother. With 8 children you have to be neat as she is... with everything in order and planned out... or it will be a mess! I hope the best for them.. and to see them on reality tv again. And even if she got a job with all their childen they wouldn't be able 2 do half the things they've gotton to do... and I do believe that she and her kids are very thankful.. for ever thing. :)


...hmm...makes me wonder what any of us would be like under a microscope. No more secrets, no where to hide our faults, no room to be human. I wouldn't want the public to be my judge and jury. I know, the Gosselins are responsible for putting themselves in the public eye...but at the end of the day... "to what length would we go to, in order to provide the basics for our own families?" Mothers have done much much more to protect their children from harm. So if cameras=a means to support your family...would you really say "no"


Kate needs to get over herself. she is not a star anymore her children need to be treated as normal kids - no cameras. everything needs to be real - not staged! Treat Jon like he deserves to be treated not a stagehand! Kate was very disrespected during the shows.

@ nsk6

I totally agree with this guy, Kate really Needs to get over herself.. She goes on dancing w/the stars, showing off and says that she does everything for her kids.. "yeah" they "her and the kids" are barely off camera.. She has treated Jon like he was nothing, and Jon tried thro out their marriage.. She was one that wasn't happy about anything he did or what he did.. she is just like my sis in law wants everything but, NOT at cheap. I've seen picts of her, OMG!!! to me it looks like she spends it all on herself and Jon is the only one that cares for those kids, she cares about fame not the family..


Obviously Kate is popular enough for all of you to comment and say bad things about her. I live in South Africa and I like to watch her on TLC. I think she is a brave woman to do what she is doing and what she has accomplished in her life. Clearly everything is not always pleasant and nice in her world, bur she is giving to her children her time and energy. They see and experience things that few children experience, and that is a major priviledge.
So unless you have children that is as well behaved and priviledged as her 8 kids, perhaps you should all keep your nasty opinions to yourself. Remember: if you don't have anything good to say about someone, rather keep your mouth shut. Other people lie on their back with their legs spread wide open to earn money, so what Kate is doing is not at all that bad!!!


She and Heidi Klum seem to be in the same situation with too many babies for the wrong reasons.


TLC viewers are not "begging" for her and her children to return to reality TV - if anything we are all "BEGGING THAT SHE NEVER RETURNS!" Take care of your kids first! I love how she says that her children wonder where the camera crews are - how about: covering NEWS WORTHY items. Go get a REAL job and that way YOU can afford to take the children places and not rely on a TV network to pay your way!!!!!!!


jon and kate plus 8 was my fav show but when kate plus 8 came out it was alot diffrent they only showed when they went out idk if i would wach it ive moved on to dance moms :P


Oh Wendy... your comment made me laugh. Well, what can we expect from fans of this woman.. only silly things... Jealous of her?? Of What? Is she a woman we can admire after a cruise was cancelled? No... Is she popular?? No... Is she a good mother?? No...

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