Kate Gosselin: Stalked, Threatened By Random Freak on Twitter

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Kate Gosselin had a lot on her plate as it is, but now the maligned reality mom is receiving threatening messages from a mystery, sinister antagonist.

Using a profile picture depicting the bible verse John 8:32, the ominous stalker has been sending the former Kate Plus 8 star increasingly creepy tweets.

The messages began April 26 with a countdown of when the antagonist will expose Kate Gosselin's dark secrets and supposed "immoral ways."

In 56 days from that Tweet, BT-dub.

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“56 more days Kate!! It's not too late to change your ways. Follow us for updates!" wrote the stalker, before posting a follow-up five days later.

“I know what you did @Kateplusmy8, and in 51 days so will the world,” the freak wrote, tagging Radar Online to further publicize their efforts.

The creep also references Kate's publicist: “Hi Julie Carson May! Can't wait 4 u to read about ur greatest creation! You must be so proud of yourself!”

It's unclear what she did that was so bad or why it would shock people - it's pretty much a universally held belief that Kate Gosselin sucks anyway - but whatev.

In the New Testament of the bible, verse John 8:32 reads: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” This is deep stuff people.

Kate's supposed judgment day is June 21, according to our calculations, the same night of the summer solstice, for what that's worth (nothing).


If that Steve Neild bodyguard dude is still sleeping with that diva-like Kate, I think that he should dump Kate and go back to his wife. PRONTO!!!!!


Oh pleeeease stalk me!! Pay attention to me !!! Ask me to be on your talk show so I can discuss my not-a-stalker. Biotch, you are being toyed with, not stalked. Not worthy of a stalker. Sorry dude, I mean, tranny


Wow will we ever be rid of Kate? Can't stand the B---h. She is such a scam artist. Do you really believe she is being stalked? I don't, she will get attention any way she can. Maybe her body guard will run to her rescue. His wife better keep him at home. "Get a life Kate Gosslin"


Judes - "I wonder whom of the Gosselin childern ( as adults) will be the first to write a tell all biography of his/her childhood?" It'll be Maddie; she's Kate re-incarnate!!! And Kate says Maddie's drama outbursts are so like Jon. pfffttt Kate, look in the mirror; Maddie is just like YOU...drama, cry, drama, yell, drama, tantrum, drama...drama...drama!!! Vomit!!! Maddie learned it from YOU Kate.


Allie - We need to show Kate compassion? For what??? For squandering her kid's money on plastic surgery, haircuts and makeup? Every dime of that money belonged to the children, yet she and Jon both took salaries FOR TAKING CARE OF THEIR OWN KIDS. Whatta deal!!! A good parent wouldn't have done that. Kate never got the message that it wasn't her we gave a damn about, Jon did. All we cared about were the kids - not either of the parents.


Why doesn't she just block the dweeb? It can also be reported and Twitter will close the antagonist's account. As for any deep dark secrets about Kate, I doubt there are any. She showed her ass large and often enough on Kate+8, especially when the family visited Alaska and went on their luxury camper road trip. Praying for the kids, the only ones that matter. Kate and Jon can fall off the face of the earth for all many people care, so long as the kids are ok. Too bad their parents don't think the same.


wow monica, you need to show some compassion. I bet all you haters are Jon fans, well guess what, Jon isn't any better. At least Kate knows how to work, unlike Octomom, who's never worked in her life


Did she ask her plastic surgeon to make her look like the Joker so she could scare her kids? Biotch is fugsters


It's like to be a hard working single mother without child support or any support from the kids dad taking the kids every other weekend, she has no clue about family she disowned her mom, dad, and siblings! Kate is a manipulative and greedy person that loves to prey on her followers!


Kate the crazy train is about ready to derail. I wonder whom of the Gosselin childern ( as adults) will be the first to write a tell all biography of his/her childhood? God bless all of them.

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