Flavor Flav Owes $111K in Back Child Support, Faces Jail Time

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Flavor Flav needs to cough up $111,186 in child support payments to the mother of three of his seven kids or face jail time, news sources say.

“It was declared a willful violation,” an official said of his failure to pay child support ... which can't be good. He faces up to 180 days behind bars.

The rapper didn't show up for a hearing last week, so an Albany, N.Y. magistrate recommended his driver's license and passport be revoked.


While Flav, 53, is required to pony up $837.72 a week to baby-mama Angie Parker for child support ... he clearly hasn't done so in some time.

This isn't the first time the outspoken, likely insane rapper has slipped up on child support payments. Parker sued Flav in 2010 for $63,458.

Before his second career as a ridiculous VH1 reality show star, Flav was a member of Public Enemy. He served 90 days in jail in 1993 for shooting at his neighbor.

The Flavor of Love star and House of Flavor restaurant owner is due back in court June 19 to answer the charges ... we'll see if he shows.

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