John Travolta Accuser #1 Drops Sexual Battery Lawsuit

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Score one for John Travolta.


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    Where there is smoke there is fire. I don't think we have heard the last of John Travolta and his sexual exploits. He won't stop what he is doing but keep trying to cover it up. These actors think they can get away with any type of behavior they want to, even murder such as, Robert Blake. Sooner or later the truth will out.


    I guess the first gay hooker, should've gotten the dates correct, if he was going to try to extort money from J.T.


    It is much EASIER/FASTER for Travolta to PAY them OFF rather than go to court. Only GOD knows what kind of ILLICIT facts will come out in the COURTROOM. That would be HORRENDOUS for his wife and family to even IMAGINE.


    If that is the case why the legend actor goes to MASSEURS for them to have to make a story about him?

    This "bloody" masseurs, who needs them then Tony Travolta then? Not even Billoy Clinton.


    I don't believe it honestly, there are always going to be people out there willing to make a stupid bs story up to get some easy money!!
    Like the boy in the balloon incident ;)
    It'll all blow over soon enough just like all the other celebs that get sued or accused of stuff.
    I don't think his washed up either his in the middle of filming a movie while the court case proceeds, if it wasn't for his movie look who's talking I don't think I would of had kids ha ha ha ha that movie made me think I would love kids and three nearly 4 lil ones later thanks lol


    You know its weird, he has been rumored to be gay for years, he is using his marriage as a front tosave his career. How much more can his wife take. Whats weird is the B-list actors come out, as do the washed up actors with nothing to lose or gain if they are outed. he wont come out because he is still a A-lister. Most of the TV stars & movie stars are gay and havent come out, yet we are all supportive of gay marriage, even our Obama supports it, if this is the case come out already nobody really cares. Is it worth it for travota to come on to these low lifes out to make a buck if he even blows on their pee-pee. I dont think so. All of you guys in Hollywood come out, or there will be a lot more lawsuits like these. think of your families


    The thing is pictures say a thousand words and he had proof where he was at the time of this happening and he has pictures for all these cases but now they had better run for the hills because now they are going to be sued.


    Ummmm. The charges were suddenly dropped.
    Perhaps because Travolta's crew gave him a boatload of money to go away?
    Who cares anymore who is gay and who isn't? The Travolta rumors about his sexuality have been around as long as he has.
    John-if you are-geeze...give it up! No one cares.


    Choose female masseurs to avoid the Gay rag ! if ya on the level , Easier lawsuits with just a simple massaging Woman ! Oh well pay them off none cares !!!


    While I do believe that Travolta is on the down low and has been for so many years, I think that these so called "victims" should not be going to court and seeking millons from him. There has to be other ways to deal with what is going on. I'm surprised none of these men ever kicked John Travolta's ass!!!!

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