Casper Smart: All About J. Lo!

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He's much more than a boy toy at this point, folks.

Following six months of dating, marriage talk is surfacing between Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez, with a source telling People magazine that the 25-year old dancer treats his woman "like a queen."

"Casper centers everything on Jennifer," this insider adds.

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The couple reside together in J. Lo's Hidden Hills mansion, and Smart is photographed constantly these days around Lopez's twins, Max and Emma.

Has Lopez fallen too hard too quickly? She and Casper will tour together this summer, with Jennifer singing and Smart choreographing.

A Lopez family friend does acknowledge that some in J. Lo's inner circle "worry that Casper will take advantage of her," but the American Idol judge just can't help herself. She even admitted as much during a recent press conference, saying:

"I'm a bit of a romantic, if you hadn't noticed."



wel i ges al people hate j.lo right ?bt i want to share u alleave her alone she s happy with her life .everyone do bad things


Wow she''s moving fast.,didn't think she'd move a man in her house,when she isn't legally divorced with her young children,stars are cattle, move' em in ,head'em out.


He's probably a "kept" toy boy. So, of course, he dotes on the woman! She pays him well for all his attentiveness I'm sure! I'm afraid she may well go the way of Demi Moore! Cougar relationships rarely last. She could be better utilizing her time by finding a man close to her age who can better appreciate her and not even expect her to shower him with money and expensive gifts...a man who has made his own way successfully...a man who can love and cherish her just for who she is.


No shit...if he is anything but smart he better be dotting on her...HELLO....DUH???"


HE centers everything on her,
while SHE pays for everything. HE'S GOT A BIG BLOCK HEAD!


he went to the nick cannon school of marrying a diva, nick is doing it ,why can't somebody




He treats her "like a queen"...with the allowance he gets from her...

Wv peach

She needs to sit her ass down and act like an adult. All these men cycling through her life's ridiculous.


Yeah, Max and Emme, like on the Dragon Tales cartoon lol

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