50 Cent on Gay Marriage: Works For Me!

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50 Cent is joining the cause. Or at least not objecting to it.

One week ago, Jay-Z supported same-sex marriage and President Obama's recent decision to do the same. Now Fiddy is weighing in on it as well.

His take? A little less profound than Jay's, but still positive.

50 Cent, Hat

“I think everyone should be happy. I think only a fool is really going to go against same sex marriage at this point," the rapper told Vibe Magazine.

"Look how long it took [Obama] to say he was for same sex marriages. You understand? I’m up for it. If everyone is for it, then hey, to each his own."

"I don’t have strong personal feelings towards it because I’m not involved in that lifestyle, but I want people to be happy. It just makes everything better.”

What's your take on same-sex marriage?


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Ya'll are so stupid, get a life!


can't wait till the movie comes out.


Hey!!!!!...Just what I wanted to know......Gay marriage works for 50 Cent! THE WORLD WAS ANXIOUSLY WAITING FOR HIS OPINION. HE ALONG WITH JAY- C Should check out the movie 2016 OBAMA'S AMERICA next month! HE ALONG WITH JAY-C Should check out the girl with the white wig in the YOUTUBE VIDEO titled WHY I LOVE WELFARE.......she's a good candidate for their next music video. YOH! YOH! YA KNOW WHAT AH MEAN!!!!


Not everyone that supports gay marriage is gay. That's ridiculous.

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