Jay-Z Praises President Obama, Says Opposing Gay Marriage is Discrimination

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Jay-Z says he strongly agrees with President Obama's support of same-sex marriage, equating opposition to gay equality with discrimination.

In a recent interview with CNN, the rapper said he believed supporting gay marriage, as Obama did last week, was "the right thing to do."

“I’ve always thought it as something that was still holding the country back,” Jay-Z said, referencing the fact that it's not recognized nationwide.

“What people do in their own homes is their business and you love whoever you love. That’s their business. It's no different than discriminating against blacks."

"It’s discrimination plain and simple.”

In Philadelphia to announce a two-day music festival in early September, Jay-Z sat down with CNN's Poppy Harlow to chat about broader issues.

Asked if he felt Obama, dubbed the first gay president by Newsweek, could be hurt politically by this, the music mogul and new father shrugged.

"It's really not about votes," he said. "It's about people."

Jay also said he sees America's moribund economy as an opportunity: "You know, for a long time, you know, we had it pretty good in America," he said.

"We were floating on this high. Well, we were hiding some of the troubles that we were going through. So, I just see this as a test of our character."

"I think we'll get there and we test the resolve of Americans. Just to remind us that we have that fight. We haven't had such a fight since the Great Depression."


I need to get out and vote.I didnt realize that peep are hatin hard on gays. I adore my gays,they are kind.


@Courtney Yeah, NOW, maybe but you were spewing quite a little tirade a couple of days ago! Hahaha! And he's right...you don't wanna be like those two! Yikes!


pahahaha.im calm ;) are you?


Just calm down Courtney! You keep it up and you will begin to sound like that idiot Blaize or Tequila.


This is not a Civil Rights issue. It's a moral issue. Texas is right. Gays have many rights now. We don't need to re-define marriage for them. I hope the Defense of Marrige Act will be left alone. We should vote Republican as Texas Lover has suggested and for many reasons, too.


basically my whole issue wasnt even about gays marrying it was about lepper being a dumb fuck thinking i was black,gay, or an obama lover then sayin im racist when i said i wasnt.your just as much of an idiot as lepper is if you agree with this dumbass talkin bout welfare and what not. Most of that argument was about rappers who actually went to college so no, you can not read.


You think? Maybe your just trying to "Spin it"! I realize this gay thing is a big deal to many. Even a broke Clock is right twice a day! You realize when the day comes you are going to have to SPEAK! -- Not Whisper what you beleive in -- in Regards to " THE COUNTRY"! BTW- I don't need to get over myself. This whole thing is Not about myself. If you've learned anything- surely you've learned that! We are all sick & tired of lifting those who do nothing but WANT!


This african has always liked having gay flings no different than obama, as it is natural for africans to do so, so the idea that they want America to adopt their "great way of life" isn't surprising to anyone, but it's plainly never going to happen, at least not in The American Hemisphere. It's as simple as that.


Get over yourself. It has little to do with gay marriage and everything to do with government control. Big brother has to dictate what we are able to do. Oh yes put my tax dollars to work, because I do work and extend welfare benefits. This is the beginning if we don't vote Republican.


that kinda made no sense with anything i said.

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